So far, so good for online registration

Implementing new systems can often take a little getting used to.

Based on preliminary feedback, the Warren County School District’s online sports/marching band registration had a relatively smooth rollout. More than 630 students had registered as of Monday.

“It seems to be working out just fine,” WCSD Director of Administrative Support Services Gary Weber said. “For the programs that have the appropriate amount of players we will be continuing to accept new student-athletes in the system.”

There were a few bumps in the road, but no major issues were brought to the district’s attention.

“I have not personally heard of any problems,” Weber said. “I’ve had a couple of calls that we have had to work with but nothing unusual. Some people have had a harder time with technology and the system than others. I’m sure it will get much easier in the future.”

Some schools hosted registration events to help those who either aren’t as comfortable with new technology or don’t have access to high-speed internet.

“Sheffield’s enrollment (in athletics) jumped by 20-some just from having that night,” Coordinator of District-Wide Athletics Rick Gignac said.

Outside of numbers, Weber said no real concerns about the new system had been raised with the district.

“The only concerns that we have are just making sure that we are working to get good numbers of participants and there are a few areas that we don’t have enough in the middle level,” he said. “That’s alarming in the sense that it will have a ripple effect in the varsity down the road.”

The new online registration also allowed students to pay their participation fee, allowing coaches and administrators to focus more on getting ready for the season.

“(Fee collection) appears to be working well,” Weber said. “The fee collection took much longer for some than others in the past. Also, this takes the pressure off of the coaches, principals and athletic directors of trying to collect that money, gather all of the documentation, and worrying about late sign-ups and instead places the emphasis on getting ready for the athletic season.”


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