Thank you for an amazing year

Monday’s state playoff baseball game between Warren and New Castle marked the official end of the 2018-19 high school sports season.

To say that it was one for the ages almost sells it short, if that’s possible.

There were multiple team and individual district champions, a state finalist volleyball team, multiple wrestlers going to states and so much more.

We’ll delve a little deeper into that with an upcoming ‘Year in Review’ series for all of the local high schools, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a lot of people.

So, here it goes.

– – –

Our sports staff does our very best to deliver to you the absolute best coverage of all of our amazing student-athletes and teams, and that would absolutely not be possible without my friend and partner in crime, Brian Hagberg.

Forgive me for sounding cliche, but we are a team. Our jobs are filled with a lot of late nights, weekends and deadlines – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

For me personally, a single guy with no family of my own, this is fairly easy to navigate. For Brian, it’s much more difficult.

So I want to take this space to not only thank you, Brian, but also your wife, Autumn, and your beautiful daughters. I marvel at the way you balance being a great husband and father, as well as being absolutely tremendous at your job. If I ever have a family of my own, I hope I’m half as good at doing that as you are.

And to your girls, thank you for sharing him with me!

– – –

To all of our coaches.

I would call you all out by name, but I fear I may miss someone and I don’t want to do that. You know who you are!

Thank you for always being accessible, win or lose.

I know you don’t do this for the money. You do it because you love your sport, and more importantly, value being positive role models for our young people.

I also know that you put up with way more than you should, and you always handle it with grace and class.

Many of you I have gotten to know on a personal level, which is something I deeply value, and I look forward to those continued relationships.

– – –

To our athletic directors.

Thank you for always keeping us informed, and for helping us to promote your student-athletes. It is appreciated more than you know!

– – –

Most importantly, to the students and student-athletes. Thank you for a wonderful year.

It’s now been four years since I took over the role of Sports Editor here at the Times Observer, and for this senior class, I feel like I’ve grown with you. It’s been a pleasure not only getting to know you and watch you compete, but also seeing what amazing young women and men you have become.

While I still consider myself ‘young,’ I know that won’t last forever.

This job forces you to stay young, or rather you all do, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Your energy is infectious, and I can’t wait to watch what you achieve as you move on to the next chapter of your lives.

And for all of you underclassmen, I can’t wait to do it again when August roles around!

– – –

Just a couple more I don’t want to leave out.

Thank you to Warren County School District athletic trainer Andrea Shene. You do a phenomenal job bouncing around between four high schools – I don’t know how you do it sometimes. And I know it sometimes comes at the cost of watching your boys play, which can’t be easy. We are lucky to have you!

– – –

To all of our officials.

Your job isn’t easy, and you are often the first to be criticized, but I’m here to tell you that you do an oustanding job. As much as any group of people, you make this possible.

– – –

And one last thank you, to all the parents who support there wonderful kids, and to the community that turned out to watch them through what was one of the best seasons in the history of high school sports in Warren County. You were amazing!


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