Dragons dominate Region 7 All-Star selections

Lance Baldensperger

The District 10 champion Warren Dragons had a season to remember, and they were rewarded with a slew of Region 7 All-Stars, six first-teamers and two second-teamers to be exact.

Aidan Morrison (catcher), Micah Passmore (third base), Ryan Rafalski (shortstop), Lance Baldensperger (center field), Austyn Cummings (designated hitter) and Mitch Grosch (utility) were all first-team selections, while Ben Berdine (first base) and Rafalski (pitcher) got second-team nods.

The senior class of Morrison, Baldensperger and Cummings will all be playing in college next season, Morrison at Canisius, Baldensperger at Niagara County Community College and Cummings at Millersville.

Morrison (.329 average, team-high 24 RBI) and Baldensperger (.282 average, 11 RBI) gave the Dragons elite defense up the middle. Playing premium defensive positions, neither committed a single error all season.

Both, along with Cummings, were 4-year standout. A smooth-swinging left-handed hitter, Cummings blasted a team-leading four home runs to go along with 14 RBI and a .338 average.

Aidan Morrison

Speaking of strong defenders, Rafalski, Grosch and Passmore were just in the infield.

Rafalski, who, ever Morrison’s 3-run home run in the District 10 title game against General McLane delivered the walk-off winner, hit .257 with 13 runs scored and 19 RBI, eight of which came in one game.

Grosch played second base and shortstop and also pitched. He hit .355 with a .517 on-base percentage, 17 RBI and 20 runs scored.

Passmore, just a sophomore, was stellar in his first season as the full-time third baseman. He hit .319 with five doubles, a home run and 13 RBI.

Berdine, who earned much of his acclaim on the pitcher’s mound, was also solid offensively. The sophomore hit .293 with 19 RBI, four doubles and a home run to go along with his 1.30 ERA in 37 2/3 innings pitched.

Austyn Cummings (left) and Ryan Rafalski

Rafalski, meanwhile, led the Dragons with 55 innings pitched and had an ERA of 1.91. He struck out 56 and walked 27.

Over in Region 1, Youngsville’s Nyko Mercado was named a first-team outfielder and Sam Hoover a second-team utility player.

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First team

Aidan Morrison Warren 12 C

Dom Kaiser Harbor Creek 11 1B

Tyler Jackson Corry 12 2B

Micah Passmore Warren 10 3B

Ryan Rafalski Warren 11 SS

Lance Baldensperger Warren 12 OF

Matt Mountain General McLane 12 OF

Cody Smith Harbor Creek 10 OF

Austyn Cummings Warren 12 DH

Mitchell Grosch Warren 11 U

Riley Clark Fort LeBoeuf 12 P

Matt Mountain General McLane 12 P

Second team

Lucas Nichols Corry 11 C

Ben Berdine Warren 10 1B

Eli Buto General McLane 12 2B

Cam Miller Harbor Creek 10 3B

Matt Lehan General McLane 10 SS

Derek Fay Geneal McLane 12 OF

Joe Richardson Corry 12 OF

Austin Vaughn Harbor Creek 10 OF

Ken Berlin Harbor Creek 11 DH

Aidan Kelly Harbor Creek 10 U

Aidan Kelly Harbor Creek 10 P

Ryan Rafalski Warren 11 P

Region champion – Harbor Creek

Region player of the year (Paul Foust Award) – Matt Mountain, General McLane

Region pitcher of the year – Matt Mountain, General McLane


First team

Chase Tomko West Middlesex 11 C

Richard Graham Jamestown 12 1B

Zach Long West Middlesex 12 1B

Seth Taylor Jamestown 10 2B

Chase McLaughlin Jamestown 10 3B

Ricky Ladjevich West Middlesex 12 SS

Jed Goodlin Jamestown 11 SS

Kaz Hoffman West Middlesex 12 OF

Alex Kachulis West Middlesex 12 OF

Jake Bowen West Middlesex 12 OF

Nyko Marcardo Youngsville 12 OF

Garrett Donaldson West Middlesex 10 DH

Ashtin Conn Jamestown 12 U

Logan Hurley West Middlesex 12 P

Jake Bowen West Middlesex 12 P

Jed Goodlin Jamestown 11 P

Second team

Collin Wilson Jamestown 9 C

Max Feeney Kennedy Catholic 12 2B

Jason Beers Youngsville 10 3B

Cody May Kennedy Catholic 10 SS

Charles Gonzalez Kennedy Catholic 11 OF

Sam Hoover Youngsville 12 U

Ashtin Conn Jamestown 12 P

Region champion – West Middlesex

Region player of the year – Kaz Hoffman, West Middlesex

Region pitcher of the year – Logan Hurley, West Middlesex


First team

Cam Whalen Hickory 12 C

Austin Rhoads Franklin 12 1B

Tyus Wood Franklin 12 2B

Ian Haynes Franklin 11 3B

Connor Rakow Franklin 12 SS

Zach Taylor Franklin 12 OF

Kaden Keely Franklin 12 OF

Braden Uber Greenville 12 OF

Asher Patton Hickory 12 OF

Bryce Stubert Greenville 10 DH

Andrew Gay Hickory 12 U

Ian Haynes Franklin 11 P

Nick Osborne Hickory 10 P

Cole Culver Titusville 12 P

Second team

Jordan Volpe Sharon 12 C

Nick Jones Greenville 12 1B

Connor Evans Hickory 10 2B

Hayden Gallagher Hickory 12 3B

Clay Wiesen Hickory 9 SS

Braden Roberts Titusville 11 OF

Derek Beach Titusville 10 OF

David Greenburg Hickory 12 OF

Marc Knox Franklin 11 DH

Kolton Banfi Franklin 11 U

Kolton Banfi Franklin 11 P

Hayden Gallagher Hickory 12 P

Region champion – Franklin

Region player of the year – Connor Rakow, Franklin

Region pitcher of the year – Ian Haynes, Franklin


First team

Joe Bornes Sharpsville 12 C

Jacob Moser Reynolds 11 1B

Caelan Bender Wilmington 10 2B

Nick Sanner Rocky Grove 12 3B

Cameron Marett Wilmington 12 SS

Dylan Hetrick Mercer 12 OF

Brett Beith Lakeview 11 OF

Jared Trontel Sharpsville 12 OF

Nathanael Luu Wilmington 12 OF

Trent Milliren Lakeview 11 DH

Dylan Mattocks Mercer 11 U

Tyler Knupp Rocky Grove 12 P

Brock Lenzi Sharpsville 9 P

Second team

Zack Doddo Lakeview 12 C

Kaleb Gorichky Sharpsville 10 1B

Eric Lenzi Sharpsville 12 2B

Dan Scheidhauer Mercer 12 3B

Max Messett Sharpsville 12 SS

Robert Pontius Wilmington 12 OF

Seth Wilson Rocky Grove 12 OF

JP McGee Lakeview 12 OF

Travis Knupp Rocky Grove 9 DH

Hunter Jones Reynolds 12 U

Ricky Telesz Wilmington 12 P

Trent Milliren Lakeview 11 P

Region co-champions – Lakeview, Wilmington

Region player of the year – Brett Beith, Lakeview

Region pitcher of the year – Trent Milliren, Lakeview


First team

Noah Ross Cochranton 12 C

Jamon Higley Union City 11 1B

Ryan Sherry Saegertown 12 2B

Alex Wheeler Cambridge Springs 12 3B

Wes Price Saegertown 12 SS

Levi Henderson Cambridge Springs 12 OF

Andrew Hoban Union City 12 OF

Alex McKay Cochranton 12 OF

Trent Wheeler Cambridge Springs 10 OF

Camden Mattocks Maplewood 12 U

Alex McKay Cochranton 12 P

Nate Soliwoda Union City 12 P

Shad Haskins Union City 12 P

Second team

Walker Cunningham Cambridge Springs 10 C

Peyton Crays Cambridge Springs 12 1B

Garrett Long Cochranton 12 2B

Tanner Carson Maplewood 11 3B

Curtis Freyermuth Cochranton 12 SS

Chase Schultz Cambridge Springs 12 SS

Andy Gerow Maplewood 12 OF

Shane Uber Union City 10 OF

Brandon Richter Cochranton 12 OF

Trent Wheeler Cambridge Springs 10 P

JD McFadden Maplewood 11 P

Region champion – Union City

Region player of the year – Levi Henderson, Cambridge Springs

Region pitcher of the year (Harry Farnbaugh Award) – Shad Haskins, Union City


First team

Hayden Zaffino Mercyhurst Prep 10 C

Alex Stefanovski Mercyhurst Prep 10 1B

Luke Manendo Mercyhurst Prep 10 2B

Dillon Baker Girard 10 3B

Zack Danias Mercyhurst Prep 10 SS

Blake Essman Girard 12 OF

Joey Colon Mercyhurst Prep 10 OF

Caleb Bish Mercyhurst Prep 10 OF

Aiden Rubilotta Fairview 9 OF

Sumner Henry North East 11 DH

Anthony Soltis Fairview 10 U

Conor Fitzgerald Mercyhurst Prep 10 P

Alex Stefanovski Mercyhurst Prep 10 P

Second team

Brock Conn North East 12 C

Philip Thiem Fairview 11 1B

Austin Barrett Girard 10 2B

Conor Fitzgerald Mercyhurst Prep 10 3B

Brandon Perez North East 10 3B

Mike Ferl Conneaut (Ohio) 12 SS

Colin Watts North East 12 SS

Alex Kennedy Conneaut (Ohio) 9 OF

Peyton Johnson Girard 12 OF

Dalton Braden Northwestern 12 OF

Logan Monroe Seneca 12 DH

Nick Morris Conneaut (Ohio) 11 U

Dillon Baker Girard 12 P

Hunter Stiltner Conneaut (Ohio) 12 P

Region champion – Mercyhurst Prep

Region player of the year – Blake Essman, Girard

Region pitcher of the year – Alex Stefanovski, Mercyhurst Prep


First team

David Duffalo Slippery Rock 11 C

Lance Craig Grove City 11 1B

Zach Rodgers Grove City 9 2B

Mason Jones Grove City 10 3B

Austin Gabel Conneaut 12 SS

Colby Rybak Oil City 11 SS

Carter Chinn Grove City 12 OF

Isaiah Kerr Oil City 12 OF

Alex Duffalo Slippery Rock 10 OF

Ian Balquist Slippery Rock 11 OF

Zach Caldwell Slippery Rock 11 U

Carter Chinn Grove City 12 P

Ian Balquist Slippery Rock 11 P

Second team

Ty Dlugonski Grove City 11 C

AJ Angros Oil City 10 1B

Brandon Wise Conneaut 11 OF

Christian Cole Oil City 12 OF

Julian Breese Grove City 12 OF

John Hake Grove City 9 OF

David Dennis Grove City 11 U

Colby Rybak Oil City 11 P

Mason Hildebrand Slippery Rock 12 P

Region champion – Slippery Rock

Region player of the year – Carter Chinn, Grove City

Region pitcher of the year – Ian Balquist, Slippery Rock


First team

Nick Frantz Meadville 12 C

Rockne Seidel Cathedral Prep 12 1B

Nick Rinella Meadville 12 2B

Jimmy Colvin Cathedral Prep 12 3B

Alex Baldi Cathedral Prep 12 SS

Chris Juchno McDowell 10 OF

Zach Wilson Meadville 12 OF

Jackson Hower McDowell 10 OF

Luke Jackson McDowell 11 DH

Jimmy Colvin Cathedral Prep 12 P

Nick Frantz Meadville 12 P

Second team

Tyler Yauger Erie 11 C

Nate Hayes McDowell 10 1B

Collin Olson McDowell 11 2B

Justin Jones McDowell 12 3B

Sam Crowley McDowell 10 SS

Colin Kelly Cathedral Prep 12 OF

Regan Schleicher Cathedral Prep 12 OF

Matt Shepard McDowell 11 OF

Kenny Nickson Erie 11 OF

Jack Malec Cathedral Prep 10 DH

Nick Angelo McDowell 12 P

Matt Shepard McDowell 11 P

Region champion – McDowell

Region player of the year – Nick Frantz, Meadville

Region pitcher of the year – Nick Frantz, Meadville

The all-region teams and pitchers and player of the year are based on voting by the coaches.


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