Next Youngsville AD to come from outside building

It looks like the new athletic director for Youngsville High School will not be a teacher there.

Traditionally, in Warren County School District, the athletic coordinators for each attendance area have been teachers in buildings in those attendance areas.

At Monday’s meeting of the personnel, athletics, and co-curricular activities committee, Superintendent Amy Stewart said, “the senior bidder is not a teacher at Youngsville High School.”

Stewart did not publicize the name of the applicant because the hiring will not be made official until the special board meeting in July.

“This person is already an AD,” Coordinator of District-wide Athletics Rick Gignac said. “He is going to have two buildings.”

Administrators expect the applicant to work at both locations, rather than running athletics for a school he does not spend time in. “This person is going to be able to be in both buildings,” Gignac said.

“I did take this individual to Youngsville to meet the principals,” he said. “They are aware.”

“We’re optimistic that it’s going to be effective,” Stewart said.

The YHS coordinator position was held by John Victor last year.