Seven Warren County basketball players named to all-region teams

Warren County was well-represented as District 10-region all-star basketball teams were released on Sunday.

For the girls, Warren sophomore guard Margo Loutzenhiser (Region 6) and Eisenhower senior forward Kirsten Baran (Region 3) were first team choices as voted on by region coaches.

Loutzenhiser averaged 16.0 ppg. and 5.0 rpg. for the 18-6 Lady Dragons, who advanced to the District 10 Class 5A quarterfinals before falling to Slippery Rock.

Baran, meanwhile, was a steady force for a young Lady Knights team, averaging 13.3 ppg. and 7.9 rpg.

Named to the second team were Warren’s Autumn Hultberg (Region 6) and Youngsville’s Caitlin Craig (Region 3). Craig, a senior, was the leading scorer for Youngsville, while Hultberg was second in scoring behind Loutzenhiser for Warren while also impacting the game in a multitude of different ways.

After a slow start, the Eisenhower boys rallied to finish second in Region 3 and were rewarded with a pair of first team choices in senior Thomas Warren and junior Jaydon Hayes. The duo were 1-2 on the team in scoring, with Hayes averaging 11.3 ppg. and Warren 11.0.

Named to the second team was Youngsville’s Brady Kesterholt. A sharpshooting senior, Kesterholt averaged a team-leading 11.5 ppg. while also serving as the Eagles’ primary ball-handler.

Full teams for every boys and girls all-region team can be seen on Page B-3.

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Region 1 All-Stars

First team

Drew Magestro, Kennedy Catholic 12

Maceo Austin, Kennedy Catholic 10

Mohamed Konate, Kennedy Catholic 12

Channing Phillips, Kennedy Catholic 12

Marcin Wiszomirsky, Kennedy Catholic 12

Isaac Grinnell, Commodore Perry 12

Jacob Rhoades, Jamestown 11

Second team

Jared Mink, Commodore Perry 10

Nate Stringert, Commodore Perry 10

Dawson Urbansky, Jamestown 10

Cameron Stacy, Jamestown 12

Matt Clark, Jamestown 12

Cameron Snyder, Commodore Perry 11

Austin Smith, Jamestown 10

Region champion – Kennedy Catholic

Region Player of the Year – Drew Magestro, Kennedy Catholic

Region 2 All-Stars

First team

Joe Batt, Greenville 11

Spencer DeMedal, Wilmington 12

Tyler Davis, Rocky Grove 12

Travis Perry, Rocky Grove 11

Brock Watson, Mercer 12

Second team

Ethan Reiser, Greenville 12

Jace Burger, West Middlesex 12

Mike Blaney, Greenville 11

Conner Curran, Rocky Grove 11

Tyler Kincaid, Greenville 11

Region champion – Rocky Grove

Region Co-Players of the Year – Joe Batt, Greenville and Spencer DeMedal, Wilmington

Region 3 All-Stars

First team

Turner Kurt, Cambridge Springs 11

Jordan Leandro, Cambridge Springs 12

Thomas Warren, Eisenhower 12

Jaydon Hayes, Eisenhower 11

Koby McLean, Iroquois 11

Second team

Kohl Bernarding, Cochranton 10

Derek Glancy, Maplewood 12

Zac Wigton, Cochranton 12

Noah Reisenauer, Cambridge Springs 11

Brady Kesterholt, Youngsville 12

Region champion – Cambridge Springs

Region Player of the Year – Turner Kurt, Cambridge Springs

Region 4 All-Stars

First team

Marcus Rickard, Girard 12

Nolan Nuara, Mercyhurst Prep 12

Sam Parini, Fairview 11

Kai Skinner, Titusville 12

Hunter Kallay, Erie First Christian 12

Nick Franos, Fairview 11

David Teed, Seneca 12

Second team

Samuel Lawal, Erie First Christian 12

Garrett Clark, Mercyhurst Prep 12

Dominic Rupp, Seneca 12

Trey Merritt, Girard 12

Brady Corklin, Titusville 12

Region champion – Fairview

Region Player of the Year – Nolan Nuara, Mercyhurst Prep

Region 5 All-Stars

First team

Tevin Smith, George Junior 12

Preston Morgan, Franklin 11

Kyi Wright, Farrell 10

Ryan Dutton, Slippery Rock 12

Kameron Patterson, Grove City 12

Marvin Redding, Sharon 12

Second team

Ethan Porterfield, Sharon 10

Brandon Beader, Hickory 11

Logan Lutz, Grove City 10

Isaac Thrasher, Grove City 11

Jaquil Batson, George Junior 11

Region champion – Grove City

Region Player of the Year – Preston Morgan, Franklin

Region 6 All-Stars

First team

David Morris, Strong Vincent 12

Aje Gore, Strong Vincent 12

Ryan Blakney, Harbor Creek 12

Alex Jay, General McLane 12

Garrett Dahn, Fort LeBoeuf 12

Tahjmere Jones, Strong Vincent 12

Second team

Bryce Xander, Corry 12

Michael Rocco, Harbor Creek 12

Riley Boyd, Harbor Creek 12

Ryan Eades, General McLane 12

Irvin Comic, Fort LeBoeuf 11

Region champion – Strong Vincent

Region Player of the Year – David Morris, Strong Vincent

Region 7 All-Stars

First team

Armoni Foster, Meadville 12

Simeal Wofford, Meadville 12

Bryon Williams, McDowell 12

Leonard Johnson, Central Tech 11

Barry Thompson, East 10

Second team

Tyler Kuna, McDowell 12

Adam Upperman, Cathedral Prep 11

Lashon Lindsey, Meadville 10

Jaryn Simpson, Cathedral Prep 12

Bailey Lewis, McDowell 12

Region champion – Meadville

Region Player of the Year – Armoni Foster, Meadville


Region 1 All-Stars

First team

Marissa Hopson, Farrell 11

Matyra Evans, Farrell 12

Haylie Glass, Mercer 12

Delaney Dogan, West Middlesex 11

Makayla Shannonhouse, Kennedy Catholic 12

Second team

Kiara Wade, Farrell 12

Gretchen Elsey, West Middlesex 12

Elke D’Urso, Reynolds 11

Brittany Shrock, Commodore Perry 12

Mackenzie MacKay, West Middlesex 11

McKayla Fusco, Kennedy Catholic 12

Region champion – Kennedy Catholic

Region Co-Players of the Year – Matyra Evans, Farrell; Makayla Shannonhouse, Kennedy Catholic; Haylie Glass, Mercer; Delaney Dogan, West Middlesex

Region 2 All-Stars

First team

Abby Yeager, Oil City 12

Lauren Frederick, Wilmington 12

Jensen Troy, Lakeview 10

Claire Staunch, Sharpsville 9

Mariana Harris, Sharon 11

Second team

Gabbie Plumer, Oil City 12

Sara Galmish, Titusville 12

Meadow Whiting, Wilmington 10

Karlie Hoffman, Franklin 11

Nina Cano, Greenville 10

Region champion – Oil City

Region Co-Players of the Year – Abby Yeager, Oil City; Lauren Frederick, Wilmington

Region 3 All-Stars

First team

Sabre Turner, Cambridge Springs 12

Julie McBryar, Cochranton 12

Kirsten Baran, Eisenhower 12

Maggie Hunter, Maplewood 11

Carlie Schlosser, Saegertown 10

Second team

Alissa Dickson, Cochranton 10

Lilli Mason, Cambridge Springs 11

Molli Yanc, Cambridge Springs 11

Cassidee Egli, Cochranton 10

Caitlin Craig, Youngsville 11

Region champion – Cochranton

Region Player of the Year – Sabre Turner, Cambridge Springs

Region 4 All-Stars

First team

Madison Demski, Villa Maria 11

Molly Mraz, Villa Maria 11

Emily Shopene, Mercyhurst Prep 12

Alexis Rodenbaugh, North East 12

Monica Brown, Northwestern 11

Second team

Olivia Sonney, Seneca 10

Vanessa Troutman, Seneca 11

Sydney Palermo, Villa Maria 11

Julia Casella, Villa Maria 12

Ellie Steiner, Mercyhurst Prep 12

Renee Stoicovy, Mercyhurst Prep 11

Emma Penrod, North East 12

Region champion – Villa Maria

Region Player of the Year – Madison Demski, Villa Maria

Region 5 All-Stars

First team

Sedona Campbell, Slippery Rock 12

Hannah Santom, Grove City 12

Emma Oas, Girard 12

Sierra Seneta, General McLane 10

Abby Fulkerson, Grove City 12

Jenna Whitmer, Slippery Rock 12

Second team

Marissa DeJulia, Hickory 12

Andie Stuart, Girard 11

Jordann Wilson, Hickory 12

Nicole Buckman, Girard 11

Abby Uplinger, Conneaut 12

Jillian Greenburg, Hickory 12

Macy McCall, Slippery Rock 11

Steph Croll, Slippery Rock 12

Region champion – Slippery Rock

Region Player of the Year – Sedona Campbell, Slippery Rock

Region 6 All-Stars

First team

Kaylee Young, Fort LeBoeuf 12

Jamiya Eaddy, Central Tech 11

Margo Loutzenhiser, Warren 10

Ali Benim Harbor, Creek 10

Laurel Prokopchak, Harbor Creek 11

Second team

Katie Redinger, McDowell 12

Haley Kurelowech, Corry 11

Rachel Dingfelder, Corry 12

Roshay Benjamin, Central Tech 11

Shaquoia McCray, Central Tech 12

Quay Henderson, East 12

Alayna Seggi, Fort LeBoeuf 12

Autumn Hultberg, Warren 11

Region champion – Harbor Creek

Region Player of the Year – Kaylee Young, Fort LeBoeuf


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