Our opinion: Accept cash for school events

It’s fine, in our opinion, if schools want to accept credit or debit cards for admission to school events or for concessions at school events.

But the time isn’t right to stop accepting cash as payment either.

We agree with the idea behind a bill Rep. Dan Moul, R-Gettysburg, is drafting to require schools to accept cash for admission to school events. There was quite the fight over the issue in Ohio, where legislation was signed into law after a state House member was attending a high school football game and saw a player’s grandmother turned away at the gate because she tried to pay for a ticket with cash instead of a debit or credit card. The Ohio High School Athletic Association had been pushing spectators to purchase tickets through a digital app, going so far as to ban any type of payment for tickets not made through the app. After the legislation forcing cash payments to be accepted took effect, the association placed a hefty surcharge on cash tickets.

Cash used to be king. If cash is no longer king, it’s also not a pawn. In our view, it should be accepted at schools statewide to get into school events.


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