Our opinion: GOP must change or risk irrelevancy

The red wave that was supposed to flood the country on Election Day was more like a red ripple — except for Pennsylvania, where a blue wave should have the state’s Republicans thinking about making some changes.

Democrats have thus far gained nine seats on the state House of Representatives, threatening a majority Republicans have held in the chamber since 2010. There are still eight races too close to call. And, while Republicans are poised to keep control of the Senate, Democrats closed the gap in the 40-member chamber.

Many have said Democrats’ election gains are the result of new legislative lines drawn this year. While the new district lines may indeed have helped give Democrats a legitimate shot in some districts, Republicans likely shot themsleves in the foot as well.

It’s difficult to talk about stolen elections and then expect people to get out and vote. Democrats embraced mail-in voting while Republicans largely shunned the newer practice — and it likely hurt the party last week. According to pennlive.com, Republicans in statewide races also struggled in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh suburbs, which indicates voters in those areas weren’t buying what Republicans were selling.

One thing is obvious following last week’s lackluster showing by Republicans in Pennsylvania — it’s time to change. If the GOP doesn’t, it needs look no further than New York to see how irrelevant the party can be in state politics.


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