Plenty of factors in summer school

We expect parents to have mixed feelings regarding summer school opportunities for their children.

The Warren County School District will offer summer school free to those in kindergarten through 12th grade. In past years, summer school was typically for students who struggled with a subject, wanted to get ahead in their coursework with courses they otherwise wouldn’t have had time for in their regular school year.

Schools have battled the “summer slide” for years, but those efforts are taking on a new form this year after COVID-19 has limited in-person instruction for many school districts for more than a year.

Elementary school programs will focus on opportunities to build on English language arts and math skills, as well as enrichment activities.

Middle school students who did not receive passing scores can take any core course virtually while high school students can take credit recovery courses for any core course they may have failed as well as some electives and core content courses for initial credit.

We expect parents to have mixed feelings about these programs. COVID-19 has changed a lot of things children had come to see as normal.

Some parents will surely feel their children need a summer free of COVID-related stress, and for some parents and children that can include school. Other parents will feel their child needs some help catching up on things they weren’t able to learn during the last two school years.

Neither group of parents is wrong. They must do what is best for their families.

But if ever there was a time for parents to be on the same page as their child’s teachers, it is now. Before making a decision, reach out to your child’s school. See if the program being could benefit your child. Then make the decision to take advantage of summer learning.


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