Park program facing dilemma

Alright, Warren parents, where are you?

Hundreds of you signed a petition asking the City Council to revisit the decision not to hold its summer recreation program. Some parents addressed the council. Children were pictured outside City Hall holding up signs to keep the program running this year.

Now, we find out that a whopping 23 parents have actually signed their children up for the summer playground program — and seven of those parents live outside the city and aren’t allowed to have their children participate.

Registration for the program is disappointing, to say the least. Parents have until May 14 to register their children — and we hope some of those 300 people who signed the petition in April choose to register their children to participate.

It’s ironic that nearly all of the the COVID-19 limits and mandates that worried city administrators about holding the summer recreation program in the first place are being suspended starting on Memorial Day. Who would have thought, a month ago, that the biggest hurdle to be faced would be lack of community interest?

We sided with parents back in April that the summer recreation program should continue. We still think the program is worth having — but if community interest remains this low, it should absolutely be scaled back. And whatever has caused this precipitious decline in interest should be investigated and rectified for future years.


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