Right call on playground program

Offering Summer Playground Program Is Right Call

The Warren City Council has done the right thing in deciding to hold a Summer Playground Program as well as open the city’s municipal pool this summer.

Council members were divided in their vote, but in two separate 4-3 decisions decided to overrule the city manager and open the programs in line with Centers for Disease Control guidance.

The programs won’t look the way they have in the past, and that’s perfectly fine. The playground program will be held at Lacy, Beaty and DeFrees because Crescent Park is under construction. Each child will need their own equipment, a ratio of one supervisor to 10 children was outlined and children will have to go to the park they register for and won’t be able to switch parks. Masks would also be required unless playing a game where it isn’t feasible and social distancing would need to be maintained.

City officials say the pool will likely be open for use only by city residents as a way to limit attendance and remain within CDC guidance. Parents who don’t think the programs can be provided safely can choose to keep their children at home, and parents who feel their child will be safe have an option to get their child outside during the summer.

A petition with 300 signatures was presented to council members — and we hope that means the community will use both the summer playground programs and the municipal pool this summer.

The community has spoken. Now our community has to take advantage of the opportunity it has fought for.


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