Healthy backing for state initiative

Warren General Hospital officials support Gov. Tom Wolf’s Regional Accountable Health Councils.

That’s good, because the councils have the ability to do a lot of good in areas that don’t have health departments.

According to Teresa Miller, state human services secretary, the councils will lead efforts to address health of state residents throughout the state in areas that include a number of issues that impact residents here.

“Warren General Hospital fully supports programs and actions that address social determinants of health and equity in healthcare access and delivery,” CEO Rick Allen said. “Further, we understand Warren County needs to more comprehensively serve those residents afflicted by issues such as mental illness, obesity, cardiopulmonary disease and daily access to basics such as food and shelter.”

The true measure of the councils’ effectiveness, however, will depend entirely on the amount of money the state puts into the effort. By now, state and local officials have a good handle on the health of their residents and what actions the state can take to improve both health and treatment. The question comes down to money — how much will the state spend and how will the state spend it.

Without adequate funding, the regional health councils won’t do much of anything other than talk. We’ve done enough of that already.


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