Coming to rescue for seniors

This, Warren County residents, is why it’s important to have organizations like Experience Inc.

For more than a month, Experience Inc., the Warren-Forest Agency on Aging, has been offering to help seniors get signed up for COVID-19 vaccinations. The agency has been receiving about 50 calls a day regarding vaccinations — though that number has decreased from the nearly 200 calls the agency was receiving in January.

Experience Inc. had closed its centers to the public during the most recent COVID-19 flare-up, only now going through a soft reopening. But the agency remained as necessary as ever to help senior citizens who don’t have internet access or who aren’t computer savvy enough to get through the online process to schedule a vaccine appointment.

In all, Experience Inc. has registered 2,070 senior citizens for a vaccine waiting list, helped 225 get vaccinated and helped hundreds more senior citizens with the information they needed to handle the vaccine registration process itself.

That is heroic work.


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