Our opinion: Do the next smart thing – get a vaccine

For a region that went months with only a handful of cases, last week’s news that Warren County had averaged nearly two COVID-19-related deaths a day between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day was shocking.

The number — 14 in a week — should be enough to make people sit up and take notice that COVID-19 is a serious issue in our community. After all, these deaths aren’t just a number on a spreadsheet. They are husbands and wives, grandparents, aunts and uncles — loved ones who left us sooner than they should have.

The situation here also confirms what we already knew. For some, contracting COVID-19 feels like a bad cold or flu. For others, particularly those with pre-existing conditions, COVID-19 can be deadly in a short period of time.

Many have made choices in the past few weeks not to attend holiday parties, to limit the size of holiday gatherings in homes and to take precautions when we’re around those who have a great susceptibility to COVID-19. That’s smart if your social or family circle includes those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Now, we can do the next smart thing — get a vaccine when one is available for the general public.


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