Our opinion: Helping to make our roads safer

A recent case involving a Warren man makes one think additional remedies are needed in the fight against alcohol addiction.

The man has eight lifetime DUI convictions with a ninth case still pending. Assistant Public Defender Mike Kitay said the man struggles with the challenges of living alone. He has been in treatment and had multiple 10-year periods of sobriety.

Perhaps legislation that passed the state Senate earlier this year could help in such cases.

Deana’s Law, sponsored by Sen. Tom Killion, R-Chester/Delaware, would enhance the oversight of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole to help ensure that serious DUI offenders receive intensive alcohol treatment. Among other actions, Deana’s Law would allow the state to assign a continuous alcohol monitoring device to a person that is designed to frequently test the presence of alcohol.

The bill has been re-referred to the House Appropriations Committee for further discussion.

Warren County has treatment options available, including a treatment court. But perhaps the additional monitoring provisions in Killion’s proposed legislation could help provide counties another tool to help keep repeat DUI offenders on the straight and narrow.


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