Our opinion: Survey is path for park’s future

There is nothing wrong with having a conceptual plan for Washington Park if and when funding is available.

Kicking the tires on a Washington Park project is fine. There should be no worries about time on such a project. COVID-19 is drying up the tax dollars that would pay for a project, after all. Before anything is decided regarding Washington Park, it behooves Warren Parks and Recreation Commission members to remember the results of a recently completed recreation survey that pointed to Warren County residents’ feeling that dog parks, indoor recreation and community centers, community gardens, trails, bike and BMX parks, volleyball courts, natural areas and boat/kayak launches as areas of community interest.

If a proposed Washington Park project fits one of those areas of interest, then it should be pursued.

If not, Washington Park should be put on the back burner.

After all, the people have spoken.


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