Getting the job done right

It’s no secret that America is deeply divided right now.

Partisanship, the COVID-19 pandemic, race — we are divided on many lines and tribal sentiments in this season are strong.

So it didn’t take a fanciful imagination to expect problems at the polls as Americans — and Warren County residents — sought to exercise their most fundamental responsibility as citizens on Tuesday.

But the overwhelming response we received from voters in all corners of the county was that Tuesday’s voting was quick and efficient.

That the voting machines worked.

That poll workers did an exceptional job.

That voting was quick and easy for most, even with what quite possibly could be historic turnout.

Frankly, we think that county Elections Director Lisa Rivett deserves the lion’s share of the credit for all of that.

Rivett has been preparing for Tuesday for months and in an environment of ever-shifting election law brought about by highly partisan legal challenges and changing guidance from the Department of State.

Not only was the county ready to handle what Tuesday would bring but so were the individual poll workers at each precinct.

In such a partisan climate, we expected some election-specific complaints from the major parties. And there are certainly going to be legal challenges in Pennsylvania.

But, at this point, we don’t have any reason to expect those challenges to focus on how the election was handled here.

And that’s a testament to Rivett’s dedication to ensure that Tuesday’s election was free and fair.


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