Our opinion: Celebrating a new Lacy Park

The ribbon was cut Saturday for the new multi-sensory playground at Lacy Park — and the infrastructure upgrades completed alongside that initiative.

Plain and simple, this is a good thing for the community.

First, we would like to thank Adam Meneo and Dr. William Clark and the rest of the Rotary Club for seeing a need and pushing the project through to completion. To know that the final project was exactly what Meneo envisioned is a credit to the vision that they had several years ago.

The City of Warren also deserves a hat tip in this process.

Not only did they offer space for the playground but they secured a state grant and included some matching funds to take care of all of the other things that really enhance the new playground — parking, restrooms, a pavilion — with potentially more to come in the future.

And the giant hole in the ground? While it’s required stormwater drainage — and out of the city’s control — the city’s idea of a fenced-off butterfly garden is brilliant. Talk about making something out of nothing.

The reality though, is that regardless of how great of an idea the playground was, it needed to be funded.

And the playground funds were raised locally.

It’s yet another reminder that we live in a very giving community.

The term “public-private partnership” often gets a bad rap.

But in this instance, it simply worked out wonderfully.

Well done, everyone. Well done.


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