Our opinion: Pursue ‘mountain of opportunity’

It’s been years since the Grunderville landfill and the Girl Scouts’ Camp Birdsall Eady have had much use to the public.

Recent discussions between Warren County and the Allegheny National Forest to redevelop both sites may change that unfortunate fact. County Commissioner Jeff Eggleston recently discussed the idea of having the Warren Redevelopment Authority play a role in developing the sites.

Eggleston threw out some interesting ideas last week — an amphitheater, frisbee golf, trails, rehabilitating the camp or turning it into a Civilian Conservation Corps. museum.

“I see a mountain of opportunity,” he said. “It’s a really gorgeous spot. There’s always money at the state and federal level for these kind of projects. I think it creates a lot of potential for pulling down grant funds and doing something bigger with it. I think we can have a community-driven redevelopment project on the site,” citing the easy access to the site from U.S. 62.

Of course, first the state has to give approval for the landfill to be officially closed. Then comes the hard part — figuring out the legal logistics of using a county authority to help secure money to redevelop federally-owned forest property.

Certainly, there is a higher and better use for the landfill and camp sites than their current state. Teamwork between the county and forest district is the only way the landfill and camp will see new life in the near future.


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