Our opinion: Getting in gear on parking garage

City of Warren officials will have to make a decision on the Clark Street Parking Garage.

The 15-year-old structure, which was rehabilitated in 2011, is showing signs of wear and tear.

It is now up to officials to figure out how long the term for repairs should be. Members were presented with three options last week, with the long-term option being the most costliest.

“You have good bones,” said Mike Rowles of Atlantic Engineering Services, noting he has “seen other steel frame garages in much, much, much worse condition.”

While there is no urgency to the repairs, Warren needs to keep the facility viable. Right now, however, in the midst of a pandemic is not the best time to think about spending millions on improvements to a parking lot.

Instead, minor repairs could be done at a more minimal cost.

Officials are on the right track in looking at all options for a structure that seems problematic. It is apparent there is no easy and inexpensive fix — now and for the future.

But long-term questions remain regarding the structure that could impact the city’s budget as soon as 2021.


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