Our opinion: Weak sporting guidelines

Guidance released last week to help Pennsylvania schools plan for the upcoming high school sports season isn’t much guidance at all.

In fact, the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s guidance barely qualifies as guidance. The very specific, very detailed list of rules and guidelines to meet makes one wonder how athletics will proceed this fall at all.

The guidance sets limits on how many players and coaches can be in any given facility and then gives a set of conditions that local plans must meet. High-fives and fist bumps won’t be allowed, coaches are asked to be masked at all times unless doing so jeopardizes their health and coaches are asked to maintain appropriate social distancing at all times. Coaches and athletes “should not congregate.” “Whenever possible” equipment is to be separated and not shared. If equipment is shared, it has to be disinfected between users.

Questions abound. Should a football or volleyball be disinfected or switched after each play? We shudder to think how baseball bats, catching equipment and the like will be handled during baseball and softball season. How does wrestling even happen?

State officials need to do better than this. New guidelines are necessary.


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