Our opinion: Take easy fixes for park

Mulberry Park in the city is in the midst of having an increase in traffic due to brighter days and warmer weather. Those visitors have also brought to light some of the problems facing a community destination: high grass and water drainage issues.

As communities across the nation face revenue shortfalls — and Warren County is no different — priorities need to be set regarding what actions need to be taken in repairing some of the woes. Obviously, the drainage issue is something that cannot easily be fixed.

“It’s the water problem and I just feel bad,” Commission member Kris Whittaker said during a meeting last week. “It’s become busy again and it could be a beautiful little park. The water issue has become apparent under the swings.”

Those repairs, however, come at a high price tag. Estimates for better drainage at the location are close to $200,000. That seems a bit too steep at this time.

High grass, however, can be fixed. A simple mowing can ease some of the worries connected to a potential insect and rodent problem.


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