Our opinion: Good call on site of fireworks

A couple from Warren last week sent a letter to our Readers’ Speak column. Simply put, they opposed the idea of having fireworks on the Fourth of July in Oakland Cemetery.

“We feel this is in very poor taste to be having this display in a place where people are in their final, peaceful resting place,” Ron and Joanne Poulson wrote. “If other Warren locations have refused to have the fireworks, Oakland’s board should reconsider their location and please be considerate of the people who have family buried in Oakland cemetery.”

The Poulsons were not alone in their opinions — and late last week a change of venue for the display was announced. “The community will be able to view the display from the big blue parking garage through the west side of town and all of Starbrick!” organizer Beth Hoffman said in a Facebook post.

“As long as you can see the cell phone tower you will have a perfect view!”

The effort has raised roughly $6,000 of a $20,000 goal — the typical show costs around $15,000 — as of Friday afternoon. Again, we offer our applause to all those who have contributed to this endeavor.


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