Our opinion: Proceed with caution

On Friday, Warren will be the first area in the region to begin reopening its long-shuttered businesses to patrons.

Let’s do it right.

Restaurants and bars, entertainment venues including theaters, and personal care services like hair salons and spas, will open at 50% capacity. Pennsylvania, and by extension our Warren County businesses, have the opportunity to be a model for our neighbors as they take similar steps to reopen businesses in the near future.

By modeling, we mean support our local businesses who so desperately need our help right now, but do so responsibly. Wear a mask. Social distance. If a business has a wait, be patient and come back when they can accommodate you. Allow shopowners and employees to take the time necessary to sanitize their business so that everyone remains safe.

Most importantly, don’t incur a setback by having large congregations that will hurt both those who find themselves infected with COVID-19 but also our business owners who could be forced to close back down. No one wants to see that.

We have waited two long months to go get a hair cut at our favorite salon, catch a movie in a nice, air-conditioned movie theater or have a cold adult beverage in our favorite local restaurant.

Savor the flavor, Warren, but savor it safely.


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