Our Opinion: Political effect

Democrat strategists have devised a careful game plan regarding the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Understanding there is little or no possibility of the U.S. Senate removing him from office even if House members vote to impeach, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and her aides are playing this one for political effect.

Clearly, their aim is to influence voters in next year’s presidential election. Their haste suggests their timetable is aimed at primary elections, which begin in February. Pelosi and company may be hoping to derail Trump in the primaries, in the hope Republicans will nominate someone the Democrat standard bearer can beat. Now, however, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts may have thrown a monkey wrench into the Democrat schedule. This week, he ordered an indefinite delay in a case in which House Democrat leaders have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to get Trump’s financial records.

Clearly, that attempt is a fishing expedition. Democrat leaders are hoping the president’s financial records will give them more ammunition with which to blemish his appeal to primary voters.

Still, the lawsuit has been filed and it must be resolved.

Roberts’ order is meant to give the high court adequate time to consider the case and how to address it. That could require days or even weeks. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on Democrats’ timetable.

Too bad. Supreme Court justices are supposed to be above politics. Their mission, which they approach in different ways, is to uphold the Constitution. They should allow nothing, certainly not Democrat leaders’ desire to score political points, get in their way of doing that.


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