Our Opinion: A need

Now the bare-fisted battle for money begins: President Donald Trump is recommending a $4.1 trillion federal budget. There is something in it — or, rather, not in it — to anger just about every member of Congress.

Both senators and House of Representatives members from both our states already are on record with their criticisms. Some of them, such as proposed cuts to Medicaid, are generic. Others are parochial, involving government programs that affect specific regions.

Beyond any doubt, the budget Congress eventually will adopt will be strikingly different than the one Trump has proposed.

But we simply must reduce federal spending. It is not an option.

To that end, we suggest a formula: Budget line items should be cut or eliminated unless they address a genuine need.

And that need should be more than getting members of Congress re-elected. That should save taxpayers billions of dollars a year.


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