Jury selection

Dear editor:

I was summoned to appear for Jury Selection this past week and along with the summons was a brochure that explained the requirements, process, and some rules for the Warren County Court House. Included among these rules were the following:

* No food or beverages are permitted in the Courtroom.

* Business-like dress is required in the Courtroom. You should use good judgment for attire.

I must say that the majority of the people who appeared in that Courtroom for the selection process certainly did not meet the standards for “good judgment for attire” in my opinion. In no sense of the word were a large number of those people in any form of “business-like dress.” In addition, I cannot tell you how many of the people were carrying water bottles and even bottles of soda pop in the Courtroom, drinking from them whenever they felt the need.

I was somewhat dismayed by the dress and flagrant disregard for following the rules.

Gary Mickle



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