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Wrong signs?

Dear Editor,

The sign “The Trump Trial is a sham” is the sham. The sign confronts visitors and locals entering from Warren’s east side. It is potentially a harmful message to those too busy with life to follow the trial.

The sham message is simply another example of mere talk, not supported with facts. Whereas, Trump’s Trial has Trump people, all Republicans, testifying under oath describing how “hush money” was paid women for their sex with Trump stories; the stories were not printed (catch and kill). This is supported with testimony/documents, hardly honorable role model behavior but nothing illegal.

The Republicans also described why the 2016 Trump campaign feared public reaction to the sex stories’ release following the “Access Hollywood Tape” – Trump grabbing women news, so close to the upcoming 2016 election. Thus, the “cover-up.”

Falsifying documents to cover up hush money payments is illegal, a misdemeanor. Falsifying payments to circumvent Federal Election law is also illegal, a felony.

Testimony from Trump people established intent – why, and for what reason, things were done. They testified Trump ran the Campaign; he micromanaged operations.

The prosecutor’s claims are supported with documented evidence and testimony from multiple Trump insiders. The trial is not a sham.

The “sham” sign message is mere talk, actually lies — more fake information.

The uninformed, misinformed “sham” sign message reflects poorly on Warren County, especially on the City and its residents since the sign is in the City. We should know better.

Warren City and Warren County representatives recently approved the Warren Worx Initiative. The City Council designated $100,00 and the County Commissioners designated $100,00.

It is doubtful that the local representatives nor the Warren Worx people view the sign helpful to their efforts to attract outside investors and to promote a stronger Warren economy. Lets stop showing our ignorance and stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

Don Scott,

North Warren


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