Making memories while catching rainbows


Allow me to submit a light hearted narrative based on two old friends fishing in Warren County. I thought readers would enjoy this.

PART TWO OF TWO: Stream Challenges & Healthy Rainbows

Johnny: That you Terry over there crashing through the brush?

Scales: It’s me. I had no luck up there .. .nothing! I’ll cross here and come down your side.

Johnny: Man there should be fish up there in that Little Arnett coldspring water … I don’t get it! Scales: You doing any good?

Johnny: Landed one nice rainbow down below here in the first spot I tried where the stream turns into a deep undercut next to the bank … had to beach him on a rocky shore on the other side-really nice rainbow about 15 inches I would guess.

Scales: I worked my way up there quite a ways and nothing! I must have been 2 miles up and never turned anything.

Johnny: That’s strange! That coldspring water should hold lots of fish. Hey what happened to your face?

Scales: I had a nice one right over here by that steep bank and tripped over a tree root backing up with him … never did get him out of the water.

Johnny: Wow we are having a day! I landed a beauty the hard way without a net down here and you look like you were in a fight. … Well I guess you were kinda!

Scales: I’m not feeling too good … let’s take our lunch break. Here’s a big Hemlock we can sit on right over here.

Johnny: OK well here we are: two old guys thinking they know fishing and the woods and we forget our nets and stumble around, but we are catching fish … at least one so far. It’s nice just sitting here looking at the water with ya though. You doing OK?

Scales: Ya just a little sore … my knee again. I saw some really nice deep holes up above here on the way down but the banks are steep and slippery. That spot where I went down is right over there in that little pine grove. I got one quick look when he rolled over … one nice fish for sure. The Arnett dumps in right up there by the beaver dam … heck of hole!

Johnny: Finish your sandwich. Let’s get up there and try it!

Scales: I wouldn’t walk out on that old dam Johnny … looks pretty iffy to me.

Johnny: I gotta get across where I can work that swirling dark water over there … man that looks like a great spot. If I pick my way across here one foot-at-a-time … man this is tricky- lots of twigs under here. I’ve got a solid foothold here I just can’t move much. Scaley there have to be fish over…wait my line just tightened up, I think one’s on! I’ll have to get it over to you along the bank. It’s too heavy to lift out, I’ll loose him if my line snaps. I can’t get my feet out of this muck!

Scales: Don’t fall in! Nothing but muck over here too. OK lay it up here if you can reach me, and I’ll hold it till you get off that thing.

Johnny: I’m OK here. I’m on solid sandy stuff ….wow another great rainbow. I need this one for pictures but hey, it won’t fit in my new carry bag … it’s too big! Let’s get a quick picture right here. Lay it on that green moss while a get the camera going. Well I’m going to keep this one-he’s been out of the water too long. I’ll have to cram him in my vest pocket for now.

Scales: This is nuts! We are doing everything wrong and catching nice fish.

Johnny: I’m gonna try that spot one more time over there if I can get back out on those sunken sticks and mud … I doubt there’s any beavers in this thing. One foot at a time … I’m going slow. Here we go floating in next to that old log over there…my line is sinking in that swirl-got another solid hit here Scaley! I don’t believe it! He’s running all the way across toward you again.

Scales: You’re gonna wind up in the water. Be careful out there!

Johnny: My feet are stuck, I’ll grab this guy by hand…..Gotta leave my rod lay out here on the sticks. I got one foot loose so I’m coming your way with this guy…he’s a handfull.

Scales: Hand him up here where he can’t wiggle down the bank…ok I got’m, come on out of there if you can.

Johnny: I gotta get a picture from here…he’s a beauty, lots of color! Where can I put him? I’ll have to fold him into this little carry bag. Watch me drop this camera in the water…just what I need today! These two bows will make a nice meal. My rod is still half floating. I can grab it by the tip as soon as I get out of this muck. Dang I didn’t want to loose my rig. The water is a lot swifter than it looks out here.

Scales: You are doing good. You caught three fish and managed to stay dry so far!

Johnny: Ya but I’m not out her yet! This is a great spot. I’ve been all over the Tionesta for 3 years and never caught fish like this! I guess we should forget about the Arnett.

Scales: We had a few miscues but what to heck. It was fun.

Johnny: Ya I’m glad we did this today Scaley … it’s been a great day to remember. Give me a hand-up out of here…

Tim Barner is a 1965 Warren Area High School graduate and still has family in the area. His blog can be found at https://tb1hoosierland.wixsite.com/pandemicfisherman-1


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