Is it really spring?

The groundhog said we would have an early Spring. We have had some very nice weather and some not so nice. The temperature yesterday was 66 degrees. I would say that was a nice Spring day.

My daffodils are in full bloom and have been for the last two weeks. The kids noticed they were out when they came home for a corned beef dinner. It is very early for the daffodils to blossom.

I keep a diary and often note the time of the blossoms. I have had crocuses as early as February 24th.

Everyone will agree that this has been a very different winter. We have had little snow and fewer cold days. I do not consider twenty to be that cold. To me when we have several days with zero weather, that is cold. I remember many winters with a lot of days below zero.

Back when “Roots” was on television, it was really cold weather.

The family all brought their sleeping bags to the living room. We crawled in them and slept there to keep warm. We could watch the show from the comfort of the sleeping bags.

At the time we were using a Franklin fireplace that did not keep the place very warm. Once you left the kitchen it was cold. If you did not return soon enough the fire died down.

It is no wonder that I did not like that stove. I felt like prisoner or a slave to the stove.

We had a lot of hickory nuts here, hence the name of our homestead. In the fall we collected them.

Often, I sat by the stove and cracked them to make candy and other goodies. When my husband came home from the barn, he would grab a handful of the nuts and eat them. If I wanted to keep them, I had to hide them before he came home. If you have never cracked hickory nuts you cannot imagine how hard it is. My hand was often sore from the nut cracker.

My rhubarb is coming up. Another early sign of Spring. I was afraid that some workmen who were here had killed it, but that is not so. I see the shoots so I know that I will have rhubarb in a little while.

All winter long I have heard the crows early in the morning. They are still around but have been joined by other song birds.

I love the songs of the bird population. That definitely means spring.

Last week more than thirty turkeys walked through the yard. It was a mix of toms and hens. The toms were showing off for the hens with their plumage full.

The leaves are finally all off the Pin Oak in the yard. Some of them hang on until it is nearly ready to bud. It is anyone’s guess how spring will come about. The old saying is April showers bring May flowers but who knows?

We had pussy willows at the pancake supper so they must be out. I also watch for my herbs. Once they begin to grow then it is spring. There is nothing like fresh herbs. I have also dried some of them in the microwave. I know that I have to replace a few of them. If I can just keep my dog out of the bed!

The dog I refer to is Don’s dachshund. He has been a challenge but he has gotten much better.

He no longer sits under the table begging. Now he watches as I eat my toast. He knows he gets a taste when I am nearly done. It is nice to have him around. What good company he is. He faithfully sits beside me as I read or watch television. He is always at the door when I come home. It is amazing how many commands he knows.

I would say it is Spring. Spring brings changeable weather and that is what we are seeing. Will we have more snow? Who knows? We have had snow in May!

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell. Contact her at hickoryheights1@verizon.net.


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