Couple shares story of persistence with diabetes

I believe our two juvenile diabetics stories will help small children to try regular exercise and try not to eat candy or sweets, hard to do, our two diabetics did well.

Our son Daniel was 3 years old when he came down with diabetes. Juvenile diabetes. We contacted Buffalo Children’s and were told to start up at the hospital. His blood sugar was very high — 800 when we arrived.

Daniel was in the hospital for two weeks — we were on our own regiment of needles and insulin and regular checkups. He was so tough. He only cried once when he had a shunt put in his arm. I cried for him too. Dennis and I were taught how to give shots to him — young nurses let us practice on them.

Dan would have blood taken at WMH — and never cry — lots of tough times growing older during the little years. Some seizures at night, where blood sugar dropped down — at night. Never complained about his diabetes — our tough little guy.

When he was 14 he was hired at the YMCA to do jobs. He worked hard and every year he received his free membership — went to the YMCA every eve after school.

Now at 46 he is still a member — never misses, faithfully goes after work – complete dedication.Now his love at home is his pretty wife, Carrie. Hannah, his and Carrie’s daughter and Cooper the youngest and will graduate from High School in 2024.Hannah graduates from college in 2025.

Dan never drinks alcohol or smokes — he is my and his Dad’s inspiration. Dan and his huge upper arms – from working out – our inspiration.

Courtney, his older sister, has diabetes eight years later — 11 years old — our Courtney’s sad time again. She was at Warren General Hospital — given wonderful care. She was a patient for two weeks. She also would have seizures also — not eating well at dinner — some of the time causes seizures.

She is like Dan — never complains and has a great life with her husband Bob and their cat. Bob really saved her life a year ago. She had a seizure and quit breathing and was put on life support. Bob pounded on her chest before 911 came and she was breathing and taken to Erie to a major hospital. She was put on life support — was on it I believe for a week and came home.

She had her daughter April while on life support. Both made it — April was taken by helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. She returned home. Courtney saw her for the first time in Buffalo — made her so happy. April was very tiny. Now she is 33 years old and works. She has type 2 diabetes. She is our angel like her mom. So happy we have both. Both were on many prayer lines and prayers worked for them.

Baby Megan Courtney had been in a Pittsburgh hospital She lived a few short days and passed on. She was pretty like her sister — not meant to be.

I hope you like our stories. Hard days and nights, little years — we all survived with little sleep.

Dennis and Mary Schmader, parents of Courtney and Dan, are Warren residents.


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