Political boundaries apparent with U.S. border

Sean Hannity asked Donald Trump if he’d be a “dictator” if he won the election. Trump replied only on the first day because “We’re going to close the border and we’re going to drill, drill, drill.”

Actually,he promised Americans he’d restore border security and energy independence. Of course, some “regressives,” in and out of the media, fixated on the word ‘dictator’. Some are fairly smooth as they lie. From some others came the usual sophomoric rants.

Under pressure from climate activists, President Joe Biden plans to restrict permitting of natural gas export sites,reinforcing his role as an opponent of our abundant fossil fuels. This would limit our exports to our allies.

What might happen? Some will burn coal, which is not as clean as natural gas.

Have the activists considered this? Doubtful. Some will have to buy natural gas from Russia. Putin will welcome the income so he can continue brutalizing Ukraine.

Biden will react by demanding more aid for non-NATO Ukraine, courtesy of inflation -weary American taxpayers.

To their credit, Democrat Sens. Bob Casey and John Fetterman oppose the plan. They expressed concern for Pennsylvania’s economy, jobs and American energy independence. Pennsylvania’s natural gas resources are second only to Texas.

A recent proposed bill was to combine aid for Israel and Ukraine with increased border security.

The latter was included, presumably, so Biden could get Ukrainian aid. As Speaker Mike Johnson promised, the bill was “dead on arrival” at the House.

Part of the bill stated the border could be closed if a seven day average of more than 5,000 encounters, per day, was exceeded. But if up to 5,000 a day is acceptable,the annual total could equal the combined populations of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh! Clearly outrageous.

There are already laws against illegal entry. The president and his feckless Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas need to enforce them. Since Oct. 1, Customs & Border Protection have reported more than 1 million encounters..

In spite of the excuses his surrogates make, the president has executive powers and could make positive changes quickly. He doesn’t, so the border crisis worsens. He certainly lost no time in undermining Trump’s secure border policies.

Many thanks to Rep. Kathy Rapp for urging Gov. Josh Shapiro to support Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s border control efforts.

The dangerous border crisis can threaten any American, regardless of party.

Terry D. Hallock is a Warren resident.


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