Is Warren Worx duplication?

I would like to add my comments to the current public discussion regarding the Warren Worx initiative. I live in the Warren community and welcome the thoughts behind what the WCCBI is attempting to do and it brings up a few questions.

First, isn’t that what the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry is supposed to be doing already? Aren’t they the entity to already address those job generating and business expanding opportunities in our area?

Secondly, isn’t the Warren County Visitors Bureau supposed to be our marketing entity for the county? If so,then why are Jim Decker and the WCCBI asking for funding to start the Warren Worx program if they are doing that now?

It seems rather redundant to ask for the taxpayers who are already paying additionally for our declining tax base restrictive zoning and lack of expansion abilities for businesses to grow and prosper that they chose to leave and go elsewhere.

Let’s give the existing businesses the tools they need to grow and stay here while also welcoming outside entrepreneurs to move here and expand in the future to employ more and more people.

I might not fully understand what throwing money every year for an undetermined amount of time at the WCCBI will change anything if that is what they are supposed to be doing now.

WCCBI and the Warren County Visitors Bureau it seems clear to me we have the Warren Worx initiative currently, and just need time and effective communication to make this come to fruition and not waste more taxpayer money to fund something we know should just be managed better than it is with the people doing it today.

Come on leaders, fix the situation with the money and the tools already in place or disband and get new leaders in place. If, as I said, I might not fully understand, but I don’t feel that I’m that far off base either.

If I am off base, then maybe the writers from the paper can interview Jim Decker and his team to explain exactly what they do to expand from the declining business community and have for years instead of watching them disappear from the Warren area.

Change the restrictive laws and maybe you’ll be growing a declining dying area to the benefit of us all or we can throw money at it and continue to go in circles rather than forward.

Dan Tassone is a Warren resident.


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