Day at polls proves ‘voting is secure’

Election integrity is strong! I had the privilege to volunteer as a poll watcher for the Warren Democrats in our elections held Nov. 8. I, along with another Warren Democratic watcher and poll watchers of the Warren Republican party, observed the process, monitored our parties’ turnout, and served the legally allowed role assigned to us. I served at the Pine Grove Township Russell Firehall site.

My biggest takeaway — election integrity is intact, strong, protected! Voting is secure!

The polling place was constantly busy with an extremely high turnout for a midterm election. The judge of Elections, Priscilla Powley –the person overseeing the poll workers, was constantly observing the check-in of voters, assisting workers with unusual situations, and problem solving by phone with Krystal Ransom, director of the Elections Office and her staff.

The poll workers were well trained, knowledgeable, and personable in their interactions with all voters (with a little joke for the children accompanying voting parents).

I was impressed with how responsive to poll watchers two of our Russell workers were: assuring that both Republican and Democratic watchers could track their party voter turnout. I was also very impressed with the speed with which Krystal Ransom’s County Elections Office responded to calls from Russell Fire District Judge of Elections.

The poll workers receive a small salary for the 15 hours of work many of them perform on Election Day.

I suspect that they do not work for the pay but for the belief that they are participating in an important civic duty. I was glad to be a part of this important aspect of the American democratic process in action.

Thanks to all who did this critical work.

Rebecca Darbee is a Russell resident.


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