Can’t decide on candidate? Look to the party


Midterms are fast approaching and there may be some fence sitters who are undecided about which candidate or party to support in the election. If you are one of those, here are a few suggestions to help you decide:

¯ If you like wondering how high prices can go, how bare the shelves can become, where you will find the money to keep up with it from now until 2024 or longer, especially if you are on a fixed income — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like watching your hard-earned, lifelong savings and your children’s or grandchildren’s 529 accounts melt away due to profligate government spending disguised as Covid recovery programs, but is actually unaffordable wastage enacted by one party to accomplish long sought after transformative social goals — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like your country being invaded by millions of extremely well-fed “refugees,” sporting cell phones and the latest hip clothing, being afforded benefits and amenities intended for U.S. citizens, but unavailable to you because you work for a living, therefore providing those things to them– Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like the critical civic responsibility of voting only after knowing the issues and the candidates’ positions on them; if you like that being turned into the current fiasco: mail-in voting, no ID, handing out ballots willy-nilly, unsupervised ballot drop boxes and early voting up to two months in advance of election day, while issues are still being hashed out — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like your party contributing to weak opposition party candidates in order to more easily win an election — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like seeing the unit cohesion of your military — so necessary for performance when things go haywire — a military once the most homogenous and efficient in the world, being destroyed through enforced indoctrination in the same Diversity, Equity, Inclusion madness infecting education — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like a less-qualified individual being given a position instead of a demonstrably more-qualified one, whether in academia, science, business, media or entertainment — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like convicted criminals being released long before sentence is served, knowing the recidivism rate is astronomical- Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like your primary and secondary education systems, and elected officials overseeing them, being manipulated by national unions — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like being unable to trust the major news media to be fair, accurate and merely report, not make, the news — Vote Democrat.

¯ If you like being unable to trust national and international public health agencies to advise based on nothing but proven science, free of political influence or inflated ego – Vote Democrat.

¯ Finally, if you agree that a mere virus should be aggrandized and turned into a political weapon — never let a crisis go to waste, you know — sacking the economy, shuttering businesses and schools, adopting draconian diktats about everything, including the basic right of free association; all this in order to eliminate a political threat and effect the long-dreamed-of “fundamental transformation” — by all means, Vote Democrat.

Ralph Keniston is a Warren resident.


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