Hearing coverage can’t out-Fox all its viewers

It is not only Fox News that sticks its head in the sand so not to see or hear what it does not want to see or hear, ostriches do too. Maybe Bubble-Boy Little Tommy Tucker should re-name his network Ostrich News.

For shame on Fox saying the Jan. 6 Select Committee’s June 9 Hearing not newsworthy and refusing to cover it live and allowing (or should one say encourage) their viewers to judge for themselves. Instead Fox insisted on giving their secondary spin, talking over the Report’s Hearings. It was a decision the Pulitzer Prize and Edward R. Murrow Awards were designed to prevent, namely presenting a point of view (propaganda) instead of the facts. Maybe Fox more accurately should be called Fox Propaganda.

Sfter being the only major network to not show the hearing, Fox aired the next hearings.

Fox’s follow -up comments centered on the committee make-up, with minimum talk on the Committee’s facts and “not much new here.” Really? Fox knew about Trump’s opting for criminality over legality and all the sordid details of corruption? Really?

Fox’s ongoing, blatant support — propaganda– of the “Big Lie,” “Witch Hunt,” “False News,” etc. demonstrated Fox’s determination to control its viewer base – not ethical, but First Amendment legal.

True Patriots (which Fox claims to be) support the Constitution not the violation of the Constitution. True Patriots support traditional American values e. g. “all citizens are considered equal and are protected by the law” and the “rule by law.”

True Patriots don’t pick and choose which rights to advocate and which rights to violate. Using our American Flag as a weapon to attack Capitol police was dangerously bizarre and an apt metaphor of Fox’s connection to Trump’s Insurrection.

Active involvement in the planning and or execution of the Coup is a violation of one’s Constitutional rights. It is over the line, It’s a crime.

The Jan. 6 Coup foot soldiers, including the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, were motivated by Trump tweets, radical social media, and Fox talk.

Desperately clinging onto power — political, monetary, social status — was the promoters’ and mob’s common motivation. It was “ends justifies the means” – it was opposite American values — it was wrong — it was dangerous. It was criminal.

Don Scott is a North Warren resident.


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