Putting funding toward being ‘pro life’

On Monday, the Times Observer reported on the legislation Rep. Kathy Rapp says “is already well positioned to successfully advance some of the strongest pro-life legislation in the history of the Commonwealth.”

I look forward to that legislation. Indeed I do.

I look forward to seeing legislation that promises complete local prenatal care to the prospective mother, including timely ultrasounds, testing, and counseling should any of those tests indicate a risky pregnancy or a non-viable fetus. I look forward to mandating appropriate medical intervention should the unfortunate family need to make the decision between saving the life of the mother or the life of the child, free of government interference. I look forward to legislation that allows a family to make their own decision regarding a child that is likely to be seriously disabled at birth, and should they decide to carry that child to term, full support of the disabled infant including respite care for the family. I look forward to legislation that does not require a pregnancy resulting from rape (including marital rape) or incest be carried to term but brings the fullest punishment the law allows on the perpetrator of the crime.

I look forward to mandated DNA testing to determine the paternity of the child so that he may step up to his responsibility in the care and financial support of the child. I look forward to easy availability of contraception so that no woman should put herself and her future children at risk by not allowing the body to recover from a previous pregnancy.

I look forward to legislation that mandates the maternity ward, and indeed the entire hospital, to be fully and safely staffed so that no patient is at risk of being cared for by a dedicated, though totally exhausted, professional.

I look forward to Family Leave so that a new family can bond together without risk of losing jobs and income. I look forward to improved funding of day care, preschool, and after school programs so that the mother can return to the workforce or education and remain a contributing member of society. I look forward to continued funding of school lunches so that no child will go hungry during the school day.

I look forward to it, but I will not see it. If society were truly pro-life, all these safeguards would already be in place. They are not.

This law is about shaming of single mothers, and control of women. Plain and simple.

Beth Buonocore is a Warren resident.


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