Going in circles over traffic issues

According to the City Council, within the city we have issues with traffic flow and are attempting to help address them with a roundabout at Pennsylvania Avenue and Market Street.

Most citizens and many business owners never felt the need or desire to have one.

OK, sure, put it in and “enhance” the flow of traffic but stifle it all over the downtown with no turn on red signs in the city, not to mention areas around the county.

A few examples in Warren: Fifth and Market, Hickory and Forth, Hickory and Third, Third and Market just to name a few.

I have sat at the corner of Fifth Street at a fresh red light on several occasions and no traffic is even going north up Market Street and can’t turn and go toward North Warren.

Why not? If the city is working with PennDOT on traffic flow within the city and around the county they should begin to remove many of the nuisance, flow slowing, no turn on red signs and make travel and convenience for drivers to move about the city and county much more efficient.

Council, PennDOT and anyone who drives around and see a need for improvement should consider weighing in to address the changes, please do; it will never hurt to help improve our community by voicing your input.

I would also like to spend some time asking questions about city expenditures from the manager’s office right on down to council regarding enhancement projects throughout the city with some of the monies extracted from our declining tax base regarding parks and recreation being considered, but that is for maybe some other day.

Dan Tassone is a Warren resident.


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