Trump still showing lack of leadership

So as President Donald Trump sulks, tweets, fires those deemed insufficiently loyal or obedient, and rages and rants over his election loss while desperately looking for ways to change its outcome, this pandemic surges unabated across our nation, the economy teeters on the brink yet again as a result, and the deaths (now over a quarter of a million) and suffering of our nation’s families continue to climb.

He has now clearly abdicated any constructive leadership role, and is instead intent on spewing out bizarre conspiracy theories and baseless charges of “fraud” regarding his loss, looking for ways to circumvent the voters’ clear and undeniable choice, and doing everything possible to obstruct the transition process which is designed to ensure a smooth transfer of power to the incoming administration come Jan. 20.

In doing so, he is not only placing our national security at risk during this critical period, but also slowing the development of plans for rapidly and effectively distributing what thankfully appear to be two viable vaccines nearing readiness. Such unnecessary delays will result in yet more avoidable deaths and suffering, as will his unwillingness to do anything to help mitigate the unfettered spread of this virus over the next two months. His indifference to the suffering of others whom he has sworn to serve is truly appalling, and his actions serving to ultimately increase the number of preventable deaths are utterly shameful.

In addition, his relentless and baseless attacks on our election processes, which were deemed by his own security experts to be the most secure in our nation’s history despite the complications resulting from this pandemic and the consequent increased use of mail-in voting, serve only to undermine our democracy, to sow further distrust and division, and to bring smiles to our adversaries around the world.

But then this has been his main way of operating for the past four years, so we shouldn’t really be surprised.

Any responsible president would at this point put his ego aside, offer a gracious concession speech, congratulate the incoming administration, and do everything possible to help bring about a seamless transition for the sake of our nation and its people, with issues of national security and getting this pandemic under control (which in turn will allow our economy to recover and stabilize) as top priorities.

But sadly it seems he just does not have the capacity to rise above his own self-centered nature and do the right thing for the nation he has sworn to serve in this critical moment.

As a result, the newly elected administration will surely have its hands incredibly full come Jan. 20.

So may we all at last come together and do our parts to help each other and our nation through this extraordinarily dark and difficult time.

Dale E. Buonocore is a Warren resident.


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