Legalizing drugs ‘a mockery’ to our society

The flood gates to legalize and decriminalize all drugs is finally here. I said this movement would happen from day one.

Who comes up with these detrimental ideas to society? It’s actually an easy question to answer. Individuals that don’t really care about others well-being and are more focused on advocating for personal drug use, without consequences, as well as those who are looking for any way possible to make revenue are the ones who are proud supporters of the legalization and decriminalizing of drugs — all drugs!

Many of these supporters will argue that drugs are for treatment. I challenge you to ask addicts how well that “treatment” has worked for them.

We do not have enough treatment facilities in our country to allow for this type of change on drug use. Though I do not believe treatment facilities work well for drug usage, if I did, I would obviously be the first to push the agenda. Drug treatment only works for people that are ready and willing to change their behavior.

I have worked with and I have interviewed hundreds of drug addicts over my career and most will concur with me. Some say it takes too long to get in a facility and can leave whenever they had enough, or others will say it’s too expensive and will even have other drugs pushed on them, such as suboxone, methadone etc.

So, why am I telling you all of this? The threat or possibility of sitting behind bars and losing one’s freedom is a pretty good deterrent for most of us who may have even had a temptation of drug usage, though others will use drugs no matter what anyone tells them. Those individuals who do continue to use drugs are now feeling even more empowered and supported by the multiple states legalizing and decriminalizing drugs — particularly Oregon. These states that are pushing the legalization of drugs will reap what they sow. I simply ask you watch the statistical data behind these such as Oregon, Colorado and New Jersey.

I’m hopeful this makes sense to those who are as concerned as I am. The proud supporters mentioned above are going to use marijuana sales tax to bring money into their state economies while also telling us they’re going to use those funds to also build additional treatment centers?

So, I ask, why legalize a drug that is very addictive, watch thousands get addicted and then put tax funding back into treatment facilities for a problem the state government is causing in the first place?

I am starting to question if some of our country’s legislators and other proud supporters of drug usage want voters that are drug addicts, drop-outs and uneducated only, in turn, to give them free health insurance, free housing, free welfare funding and eventually free drugs.

This is a mockery while the rest of us work hard each day, raise families, give back to society and do our best to clearly think each day!

Todd Mineweaser is the Youngsville police chief.


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