It’s an ‘impossibility’ to eliminate oil, gas

Most likely this will not make it to print before the election so this is just to inform some people as to what may or may not be. One party has their platform of doing away with the oil and gas industry. Only a fool would know that this is an impossibility.

Throughout this letter any word in capital letters is either a product of oil or oil had to be used to produce it. As I sit at my DESK in front of my COMPUTER I am attired in PANTS, SHIRT, WATCH and SHOES. My PAINTED walls brighten the room and the CEILING TILES help reflect the light from my LED BULBS. The CHAIR I am sitting on is PADDED and comfortable.

My feet are resting on soft CARPET. My CELL PHONE rings and I am getting a message about a UPS delivery. The UPS man is clad in PANTS SHIRT JACKET AND BOOTS. He is arriving on an ASPHALT highway with DIRECTIONAL PAINTED LINES keeping traffic flowing. The TRAFFIC LIGHT he passed safely through was glowing green. As I await my PACKAGE I have a snack wrapped in an AIR TIGHT container. After eating my snack I toss the WRAPPER into my WASTE BASKET. I pick up a MAGAZINE and peruse the PICTURES that were taken by a photographer with a DIGITAL CAMERA. Several customers come in wearing EYE GLASSES and several also have HEARING AIDS. A couple also have KNEE BRACES for support. They have come to my store to purchase YARN, PUZZLES, MODELS and PAINT. They came in their VEHICLES sitting on comfortable SEATS. After they leave here they head to the grocery store to purchase this evenings meal in CLEAR WRAPPERS or WAX covered containers. It is cold outside and the stores are HEATED and COMFORTABLE with food stored in FREEZERS.

All of the PRODUCTS are brought to the stores by TRUCKS, TRAINS and PLANES. And the ELECTRIC VEHICLES are powered by BATTERIES and are made lighter by the use of PLASTIC COMPONENTS for better mileage.

The windmills that produce the POWER for these BATTERIES and LIGHTS are power by wind turning their PROPELLER or TURBINE blades.

At dinner, prepared in a MICROWAVE oven or AIR FRYER the family plans their vacation by AIRPLANE to some distant point.

As you see, we cannot live without oil and oil byproducts. It is an impossibility.

There isn’t a solar powered plane capable of flying any far distance. And they cannot fly solar power at night. Nor is there a battery powered ship capable of crossing the ocean.

In order to be completely free of oil and oil by products we would have to return to the mid 1800s or earlier. No paved roadways, horse powered carriages, wood heat from hand cut wood, coal or wood fired cooking stoves, all cotton or wool clothing, no asphalt roof shingles, no phones, back to pony express and much much more.

So anyone who says they want to destroy the oil industry is really saying they want to destroy the world as we know it. And the current world population could not survive if farmers had to rely on horse drawn plows and carts to take food to market.

Now think about or research all the other products that are made by or made from oil. You will be amazed and never again fall for that line.

Lou Dussia is a Warren resident.


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