Election of Biden is a step in wrong direction for U.S.

To all my liberal leftist friends and to all those others on the left that feel I am a deplorable, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, bigot and a sub-species of humanity that is irredeemable, be prepared for that is exactly what you get with China Joe Hiddin Sleepy Biden!

Everything you have called President Donald Trump and we supporters of him is exactly what China Joe happens to be and has been for the near 50 years he has been a corrupt professional politician.

The lies that have been regurgitated by big tech, 90-plus percent of the media, all of the rich entertainers and athletes, and the Deep State liberal leftists is spot on true of China Joe.

After failing to steal the 2016 election despite the entire Obama administration’s illegal election interference, they continued for four years to attempt to unseat, overthrow, impeach and everything else short of assassination to get rid of him. Now you may have the epitomy of what you have been calling Trump forever , now to replace him.

If they steal this election, watch how quickly we lose everything this country has gained under Trump:

¯ The greatest economy in the history of the world.

¯ Lowest unemployment numbers in nearly the history of our nation for most all groups of people.

¯ Trade agreements and tariffs that stop other nations from ripping us off constantly.

¯ Lower taxes and fewer regulations to help we the people have more money and businesses to expand and grow while hiring more of us.

¯ All the businesses he has brought home to recreate the “Made in America” mantra we had lived by prior to Obama and Biden.

What you have said about Trump will definitely occur under China Joe as he will sell us out again for One World Order. You better learn Chinese or whatever language the new World Order demands. The lockdown will have just begun. We will be monitored, censored and controlled to a such a degree even you leftys will be shocked. The woke police through identity politics, affirmative action, and political correctness will attempt to control everything we say, see, think, and do just like any other Facist or Communist nation presently does.

You asked for it, now be prepared to live with it my comrades. Personally I think Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer would look appropriately dressed if they all wore Nazi uniforms from this day forward. Infanticide and euthanasia will increase by leaps and bounds. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo already did that in nursing homes.

I see the riots are underway again already even though they may unbelievably win by stealing it this time. I wonder how many deceased people voted. I personally know three people who received ballots for their deceased spouses. These people tore up those ballots, but you can bet your life thousands of others weren’t. Many ballots were also cast by people who no longer lived in those states.

Changing voting rules during an election, as the DNC did, should never be permitted.

Mail-in ballots invite fraudulent tactics as we are now seeing. None of you would agree with changing the rules in the middle of a baseball game, a football game, a basketball game, or any other competition unless you are insane!

Masks and lockdowns will continue until we refuse to obey. Control is their obsession until we are tamed to live by the new rules of World Order. You asked for it and you may get it. Professional politicians don’t give a rat’s pitute about us. You can take that to the bank if you have any money left to put there.

Just imagine how many of the over 20 million illegal immigrants in this country cast illegal ballots in hopes of totally open borders and total financial support from we the taxpayers!

One final note: we are no longer on the eve of destruction, we are about to begin our free fall into the pit of hell. We are getting exactly what you said Trump was, as that illusion is China Joe!

Jeffrey L. Carlson is a Warren resident.


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