Thinking outside the box

All of the organizations that need funding have had to become inventive since there are no events being held in person these days. I just heard that a football coach tested positive for COVID on Wednesday, and has since had three negative tests so he will be on the sideline for his team.

What is the big deal about all of this testing? To me it does not seem to be reliable. That coach could not have recovered in two days. That is not the only person I have heard of that tested positive once and subsequently tested negative. If the tests are not any more reliable than that why do we need them? They do little to provide information — useful or otherwise. I have said this for months now.

How are organizations raising money these days since everything is virtual? I have noticed that churches and fire departments are having drive through dinners. You stay in your car and drive through to pick up your meal and take it home. At least you do not have to cook that way, but as for the social aspect it is sadly missing. I always looked forward to meeting people at the church dinners. It was a social time as well as a chance to eat.

Some groups have held virtual raffles with people selling tickets on line or by telephone. The winners were then drawn at a specific time and place — of course, with people wearing masks and appropriately distancing.

Our church always participates in Operation Christmas Child. We fill boxes and deliver them locally to be sent to North Carolina for further shipment. I wonder how that event will fare this year. I know that our church intends to participate. We have been collecting items for the boxes since last year.

We are having a drive-through Harvest Dinner to help with the funding of this. Dinners will be available from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Saturday. There will be turkey and all the trimmings — and homemade pie for dessert. All you need to do is drive up and we will serve you. The price is a donation so we hope all will participate.

Girl Scouts went through the pandemic this year selling their cookies at stores instead of going house to house. I am not sure how they made out doing this. I have found that if I donate money to them, they get to keep all of it instead of just a portion. I really do not need the cookies anyway.

Our local Lions Club held their sale in a shelter at Larimer Park. They were there with their brooms, light bulbs, and trash can liners. I heard they did well with that. People want to support their local events.

Libraries are open with abbreviated hours. I am sure that is a relief for some parents. I recall that I got tired of the books that we had on hand. The children almost knew them by heart. You could not skip a page because the children knew if you did. To be able to go to the Bookmobile was a treat. New material!

Restaurants have been quite inventive during this pandemic. When they were completely shut down, they offered delivery and pick-up of meals. Then, they were allowed to open at 25%. I am not sure how they made it doing that. It took a lot of staff, without many people being allowed in. Now it is at 50%. That is still tough. Restaurants were serving outdoors, weather permitting. That has ended with the cold weather so they are back to just what they can fit inside of the restaurant. Really, I do to know how any of the smaller restaurants are surviving.

Gyms are another business that has been hard hit. They tell all who come to wear masks, but some things just cannot be done.

Churches are open for the most part — but — everyone must wear masks. Originally, they said there was to be no singing but I think most churches have dispensed with that.

Sports has also been hit. The stadiums are either empty or with very few spectators. I wonder how those who are there were chosen to get the seats? The sporting organizations have to be losing money. Are we to believe that they made enough in the past few years to get over this?

Then, there are the theaters. There have been no performances since the pandemic hit in March. That is more than six months at this point. How are the actors and dancers being paid, or are they?

This summer nearly every event was canceled or at least abbreviated. These groups depend on what they make at their events to sustain themselves for the next year.

Did we do the right thing? Only time will tell. Our governor shut everything that was not essential down. So did the governor of the neighboring state. We have the governors to thank for this. It was also a governor who ordered COVID patients to be sent to nursing homes. That was a huge mistake. Are we going to hold these men responsible? Our legislatures have tried without success to limit the power.

No one wants to take responsibility for anything these days.

It is bred right into our children when parents assume that their child could not possibly have done something.

I had one mother years ago tell me her child would never do such a thing — by the way the event did not happen in my room, I was just being the enforcer. I saw her later that year at an event and that same child was kicking her over and over — right out in public for all to see.

You decide.

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell. Contact at hickoryheights1@verizon.net.


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