Not all messages heard in communication explosion

Mankind is a categorizing, cautious, and discriminating species. We have real categories such as by culture, ethnicity, nationality, and religion. But there is only one race–that being the human race.

The aforementioned categories may form sub-groups of the human race, but they are not separate races. The use of color to attempt to create races is absurd and a manmade racist categorical insult to the human race. Is white still a color or now a race?

I have yet to be informed by the Woke left or the PC police or the affirmative actions folks that white is not a color still. We are all people of color. Our comrades on the left constantly try to use the word race to divide us into groups so that they can control us, meaning to exercise restraint or direct influence over our actions and behaviors allowing them to order, direct or rule over us.

This control is managed in several ways. One is exemplified by the local domination of gasoline stations and convenience stores in our community. They monopolize both allowing us no other options. Total control.

They charge us more for our gas than anyplace within 100 miles. They have multiple subsidiaries exempting them from the illegal monopoly that they are. Rather than sharing the lower prices that they charge others after transporting their product hundreds of miles they gouge us with higher prices than anywhere else in their market field. That is how they treat local customers with no reasonable excuse given. Sounds like grounds for a class action lawsuit for their tactics. They have us over a barrel and take advantage of our community despite all the allowances our community makes for them.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter are also monopolies that censor what we hear and see in utterly outrageous ways to control our thoughts, behaviors and access to knowledge. They simply ban the use of their forums to inform us of anything they disagree with. Sounds like Communist China, North Korea or Russia to me. They play politics nonstop to control us constantly. Joe Biden is being protected by these partisans in order to control what knowledge we have access to.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN have been and are still censoring everything we hear and see in that same attempt to control all that we have access to thereby denying us the full truth with which to form our own opinions and make our own decisions, not theirs

Big tech and media have been censoring and banning anything and everything that does not agree totally with their positions on how we should think, behave and live our lives. For five years we have been told how racist we are and what an evil country we live in. Now they are banning the truth about the total corruption of the Biden family by not allowing the facts to be included on their forums. This is a direct interference in a presidential election but they do it anyways.

They don’t trust we the citizenry to view all sides of an issue in order to make our decisions. They insist on limiting what we are privileged enough to see or hear. They need to control all information. They must think the truth or a divergent thought might loosen their control over us or that their supporters might learn something that they don’t want to see the light of day. Total control.

Another method of control was accomplished by what used to be a local radio station. For as far back as I recall we had a very diversified station with a wide variety of programs from both Liberal and Conservative talk shows to agricultural, science, religious, and many other informational programs. But recently the company that purchased this station has decided to give us nothing. Gone is the excellent programming we have been lucky enough to have been exposed to in the past.

Controlling what we hear and think. Censorship is alive and well in Warren thanks to out-of-town radio stations. Anyone else notice?

The refusal of the left to accept the results of the 2016 election has reached a treasonous level. If you believe everything that the left has said about our president of the United States for 1,825 days is true you are positioning yourself as a fool. If you believe that everything our president has done for 1,825 days was corrupt and bad for our country, you again are taking that position. By censoring what we hear and see along with the ability to hide thoughts or issues that they disagree with they think they can control us. Knowledge is power and without it we will be on the Eve of Destruction as a nation more so than at any other time in the history of the USA.

Demand full disclosure from both sides on all issues so that we as a fully informed citizenry may make informed decisions, not being censored or banned from information in an attempt to totally control our knowledge, thoughts and decisions to align with theirs.

They may control our bodies, but they will never control our minds. If you believe all they have said then they do control your mind. God help our country and those that are on The Ship of Fools. May they soon see the truth. You are being censored and controlled constantly.

Jeffrey L. Carlson is a Warren resident.


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