There’s no balance with Democrats in control

The Eve of Destruction is upon us now and has been inching closer ever since President Barack Obama the Omnificent took office! It is as clear as daylight what Obama and his minions — 17 so-called intelligence agencies, the entire media system except one or two, entertainment clowns, overpaid creampuff athletes, big tech and the lying leaking liberals — have been doing since President Donald Trump came down the escalator.

They tried to steal an election and when that didn’t work they simply plain and clearly tried to overthrow our president and government in a Treasonous Tyrannical Marxist Communist style. The left has studied those methods for quite a while and will stop at nothing to enact big government because DNC means Dems Need Control.

They have been acting like spoiled little Brats because hill-lie-ary lost. If they don’t have their way they have fits, throw tantrums, and scream till they get their way. Democracies don’t work that way or they shouldn’t. Elections have consequences, as Obama said, such as acceptance of results and transition of power. These anarchists still haven’t accepted the results of 2016 and they have the audacity to accuse Trump of not accepting the results of this election. They are clearly guilty of everything they have accused Trump of doing since 2016.

Our president has done the equivalent of swimming up Niagara Falls with every drop of water being a lie or slander about him, not one of which has ever been found to be proven! He has swam through all the other Great Lakes and is about to enter Lake Superior where he will win the greatest electoral and popular vote victory in the history of our nation despite the 600 lawyers Biden has hired or the 100 lawsuits the DNC has filed — to change voting procedures.

This Uncivil War the DNC or Damn Nasty Conspirators have been waging since 2015-16 against America has been and is the most corrupt, inhumane, destructive, chaotic and divisive one by any political party in the history of our nation.

The attempts by radio stations and newspapers to censor our civil liberties of free speech and others is almost criminal. Speaking of criminal, I know of Democrats that have been paid by supporters of Hiding Joe Biden to put his signs in their yards. I, on the other hand, have distributed more than 200 Trump signs to people who approached me to get them.

When the DNC has to knock on doors and occasionally pay people to put signs out that doesn’t sound like an election of free choice, while my approach and GOP is totally of free choice. I have been waved over on the highway to give signs and hats to true Americans.

When one party prevents solving the pandemic, using it to shut down the country and its economy and tries to create and support racial unrest by calling bloody rioting in Democratic run states and cities peaceful protests, the insanity of it all is clear to anyone whose head is not buried in the sand. Too many of them have their heads somewhere that I dare not mention.

Yes, we are living in their tangled web of conspiracies against our POTUS and U.S. They will stop at nothing to get their way. One letter a month is an infringement of free speech. The only free speech for the left is if you agree with everything they say. Anything else and you are called everything from A to Z. The double standards are their mantra. They can’t handle the truth, for when you tell a lie continually you have no choice but to live it. No conversation with any of them is possible without immediate name calling. They have no policies to discuss only names to call us.

If we can go to Walmart , grocery stores and all the other places people are going then we can vote at the polls and schools can be open. By the way if teachers aren’t essential workers, then send your children to any school other than public schools. School choice must be an option, if not those who oppose it are the racists , because the inner city schools do not meet the needs of their students. That is racist. I urge all supporters of America and our POTUS to vote at the polls so that your vote counts immediately. Do not participate in the fraudulent mail in voting scam of the left.

God bless America and Donald J. Trump and all of you, including both sides of this hideous uncivil war. I would love to discuss anything with any liberal if they are able to hold their breath long enough to not name call as is usually their immediate reaction to any attempted civil discussion.

So much more truth to speak, but I will be lucky if this lengthy letter gets printed. As you know, one letter a month is sufficient freedom of speech.

Jeffrey L. Carlson is a Warren resident.


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