Uncertain growth

Kate Cataldo

I was listening to a podcast last week that a photographer I follow hosted.

She talked about how to survive and navigate these shutdowns, and how to continue making money without breaking any laws or social distancing rules.

A lot of photographers believe that they are not allowed to operate whatsoever.

Others believe that you can continue to do business as long as you are practicing from a safe distance.

The policies change state to state, but either way, there hasn’t been a definite or clear answer.

Many are even saying that the industry will never recover, but to me, that’s fear talking.

And, fear is nonsense.

As the photographer was sharing her tips and wisdom with her audience, I got to thinking about how to scale my own business to sustain all the postponements and cancellations.

But, I then started thinking about the big picture.

How do we grow in a time of such uncertainty?

It’s simple – Plant the good seeds now, and then when the water turns back on, those seeds will grow and eventually bloom.

But, whether you grow to be a wildflower or a weed, that’s up to you.

And like the saying I read years ago said, “it’s not that the weeds are bad, they are just taking up space.”

Do you want to be someone that just takes up space, or do you want to be someone that has their own meaning, beauty, and purpose in the world?

Big or small, everyone has a purpose.

And, now is an amazing time to trial and error what it is that really sets your soul on fire.

What brings you joy? Figure it out, and then plant some seeds there.

Who brings you joy? Plant some seeds there too.

How do you bring joy to yourself and others? This is where you’ll want to plant a whole bunch of seeds.

Now is the time to focus and nurture the things that are important to you, the rest will follow.

The key to personal growth in a time of uncertainty is the ability to adapt.

Nothing is ever written in stone, and I think we all got really comfortable.

By “we,” I mean the global population as a whole, not just any one person or country. All of us.

Truth is, whatever happens, happens, and life is all about the ability to roll with the punches.

Even though COVID-19 seems like an economic knock-out, the businesses and people who are willing to fight and survive will do so.

Most likely because along the way, they all planted seeds.

You might be asking by this point, “okay Kate, what are these seeds you keep talking about?”

Here’s an example of a “good seed” – You might be having a really bad day, where nothing is consoling you. I see that you’re vulnerable, so I pump you up and empower your thoughts and remind you of how awesome you are and how many accomplishments you’ve made.

This encouragement will plant that I am trustworthy with your feelings, and the next time you need a little boost, you’ll remember that I am someone you can talk to.

A simple pep-talk can take a relationship to a new level.

This is growth my friends.

There are many simple things we can do daily right now that will allow you to grow when this is all over.

Before you know it, your garden will be overflowing.


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