Take advantage

Jon Sitler, Managing Editor

A feeling came over me on Friday. I’ve felt this feeling before as a father, but I really didn’t like it this time.

My son wanted me to rebound for him as he shot baskets on the backyard hoop, but I was busy… paying bills… then I had to get ready to work the night shift.

That feeling came over me. This kid has ‘cabin fever.’ He’s doing his best, we are all doing our best, to live in this troubling time.

There’s a stay at home directive from the governor.

The President of the United States wants us to wear masks.

There’s no school.

There’s no sports. He’s having virtual soccer practices on his iPad, for goodness sake.

And I couldn’t find a minute to rebound for him while he shoots baskets?

You’re darn right I could.

All I ever really wanted to be growing up was a father.

Little Danny wants to be a Major League Baseball player.

I wanted to be Jordan’s and Chase’s father.

We’re all stuck at home, to different degrees each one of us. Sure, my profession is essential, as is my hardworking wife’s, but my 17-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son are trying to figure out how to live without school, homework and five or six practices a week. This is no summer vacation. Kids aren’t riding their bikes or going swimming together or having sleep-overs.

Take advantage the best you can.

I played catch with my daughter on Thursday. The teenager that would barely speak to me a month ago (she’s a teen!). We played catch and threw tennis balls to the dog.

She’s bored.

I took advantage.

I played Chase 1-on-1 in hoops Friday afternoon. He won.

And so did I.


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