We want to read what you think

Public discourse.

A phrase that can be attributed to many things being posted on Facebook, Twitter, or any form of social media or otherwise in this day and age.

We publish editorials every day on page A4 of the Times Observer. We publish letters to the editor on whatever subjects you feel are important. We publish light-hearted columns, and not-so-light-hearted columns — often political in nature. Some are by nationally-syndicated columnists. Others by local contributors.

What we haven’t done — until now — is pick a topic, a question, and pose it to you, our readers.

ASK YOU what you think.

We’re doing that now in a new feature called…

“Public Discourse.”

In the last edition of every month — after we’ve received your emailed answers, thoughts, columns (if you will) — our entire editorial staff of our publisher, managing editor, and reporters will select only two submissions.

Our first topic is being introduced today: Has Donald Trump done a good job as President of the United States? Why or why not?

This is your forum to go off. We will give you up to 500 words to explain your rationality and reasoning. To prove your point.

We’ll read every single emailed submission, and publish opposing viewpoints. It’s different than a point-counterpoint; we aren’t asking you to respond to another view, or as some “like” to do on Facebook, smear another’s opinion. We’re asking you to give your opinion, with as many facts or examples or opinions as you want (again, up to 500 words).

These aren’t anonymous. And we will ask you for a picture if we select your submission.

We’re very interested in what you think. And we think our readers will be, too.

Send your answers to jsitler@timesobserver.com and/or bpatchen@timesobserver.com.

Has Donald Trump done a good job as President of the United States? Why or why not?



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