What does the Fair offer?

Ann Swanson

Years ago, I did the publicity for the county fair. I was busy all summer long working with radio and television stations as well as newspapers. Everything you heard about the fair originated from my home. Now, thankfully, I just have to consult the schedule and show up.

I am looking forward to the Wednesday night show. Home Free is the featured group. I have heard them before and they do a wonderful job. The other entertainers I do not even know, but some of the younger set might.

I noticed some new educational shows in the Red Building. Be sure to check them out.

People wonder what there is to do at the fair. There is plenty to do if you follow the schedule. There are many animal shows. There is everything from clipping, to showing, to the actual judging of the animal that is being shown. If you are watching something and do not understand what is going on ask someone. There are plenty of people in each of the shows that can help you.

My children and grandchildren showed cows so I am well-versed in that. Although Dick was the farmer, I believe I actually understood what was happening at the shows better than he did. When all was said and done, I had to compile the statistics for the newspapers so I had to understand the show.

All of the farmers worked with me because they wanted their shows to get publicity. Those who got me the results got them published. If they could not be bothered there was nothing about their show. I did not have the time to attend all of the shows.

Friday night is the Livestock Auction. The youth must ask people to come to bid on their animals. It is a tough night for some of the children since they are parting with an animal they have worked with for a long time. Stop in the Livestock Pavilion to see what is going on.

The food offerings are another reason to attend the fair. There are whole meals of chicken and fish as well as specialties such as loaded baked potatoes, Greek salad, pierogis, cotton candy, fried dough, taffy, hamburgers, and apple turnovers. Surely, I have not mentioned all of the foods so be sure to walk around to see what else is available.

Youngsters love the rides. Although I am past that now, I appreciate good carnival rides. When I was growing up, I loved the rides. I was not afraid to ride on anything. I did not get sick either. I rode almost everything there was to ride.

I grew up attending the Chautauqua County Fair in New York. In those days we had a half-day to go to the fair. I remember one year my friend and I did not make it home until almost nine o’clock. Our parents were beginning to worry since the others who had gone with us were home before supper. That year we watched a calf being born. We also walked through all of the buildings. We ate our supper there not even saving enough money for bus fare home so we walked.

Now, I attend the Warren County Fair in Pennsylvania. We have been going to that fair for about forty years. When we started going the fair it was much different than it is today. We helped put together the Grange exhibit and take it down. It was really a muddy place after even a little rain. Today, it can rain and little damage is done. Things dry out quickly.

I have camped at the fair for the past thirty years. I started out with a small camper that had a bathroom that I did not use. It was so small that you could brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, and shower at the same time. It was more of a bother than it was worth.

I have since graduated to a larger trailer, in fact, I sold one that was too large for just me. I no longer needed the bunk beds from the old one. The children have grown up and now camp with their parents in their own camper. My Murphy bed will be just fine for us. We have decided to spend some time down there and some at home. One of the dogs will not do well down there so someone will need to be around for him.

The other thing that I appreciate about the fair is seeing people. There are some people I do not see throughout the year at all. The fair brings people from throughout the county as well as from afar. Often people return to participate in the fair. People watching is fun. If you get a good seat down on the grounds you can sit and visit for a long, long time. Of course, you can also munch on some of the many foods that are offered.

See you at the fair — I hope. Be sure to say hello.

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell, PA. Contact at hickoryheights1@verizon.net.


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