Who knew?

Ann Swanson

Last weekend a crisis was averted when I visited the walk-in health center. It started on the fourth but just kept getting worse. I know enough about allergies to know one when I see one.

My rash started with a spot on my arm but progressed to both arms and my torso. I had no idea what I was allergic to, but it definitely was something. Everyone teased me about being allergic to Don. I assured them I would have reacted sooner if that was the case. All I could tell the practitioner was that I had eaten quite a few strawberries but nothing else in my life had changed. I have never been allergic to strawberries but who knew?

When I entered the facility, I spotted some people I knew so we visited. I kept waiting for my turn but others went ahead of me. I found out that since I had not been there before my information was not entered.

Finally, it was my turn. I left with a script called into my pharmacy. When I got to that facility, they were closed because they had no electricity. We did not want to come all the way back home when we were headed out anyway so we stopped at Don’s house. When the electric came on, we left to resume our errands.

I got the script. It said to take the meds with food so we stopped for something to eat. After a full course of medicine, I am much better, but it took a while. I am so happy not to itch anymore!

Thankfully, I remembered to eat yogurt while I was taking medication. The cultures in yogurt are helpful so I do not end up with another type of discomfort!

Another crisis occurred when the dogs converged on Don’s lap – both of them! Each made a mark on his arm that had to be treated. This we treated at home, but there was blood everywhere. Don has worn band-aids for the past two weeks. He is finally healed enough to go without them.

The dogs are proving to be a challenge. When I am home alone all is well. They both sit with me and do not fight. In fact, both are sitting right beside each other as I write this.

It is when we go to sit together on the couch to watch television that they react. I must confess my dog does not understand his dog. His dog is the aggressor. In defense of Snaps, he has spent the past eight years as an only “child”. He really does not know how to react to a sibling. Don says he thinks Snaps has accepted this as his home. He just does not understand having another dog to share the attention with.

As long as we keep the dogs apart on the couch all is well. Oh, Snaps goes to the door if my dog is outside because he wants him to come in.

The cat is another story. Goliath has not come inside since he met up with the strange dog. He comes to the door, but then turns around and leaves. I am feeding him in the garage so I know he is eating. Time will tell what happens here.

Around the Yard

The daylilies are in full bloom. I really enjoy the beautiful orange that they lend to the countryside. Each day another one opens. I recall having Friendly Neighbor Club at my house years ago and bringing in daylilies to decorate with. The children had such fun watching them open.

When I arrived at Hospice House on Monday guess what was on the table? Someone brought in some daylilies. I picked off the dead blossoms so the ones that had not opened could open. The patients seemed to be enjoying them too.

Think it is time for me to cut some daylilies to bring in the house. I have a patch behind the garage that helps control the moisture there. If I bring some in, we will be able to watch them.

My snow bush is also in full bloom. I could cut a few of those as well to add to my bouquet. None of those cause my allergies to react. The white blooms topple over after it rains, however, so to cut a few of those would be to my advantage. I have some hydrangea, but they are not blooming. Sometimes I have flowers and other times I don’t. They are quite temperamental.

The yard has certainly been a challenge this year. It is not long enough between raindrops to get it all mowed. The lawn service has been spotty and the lawn has grown long in-between times. I keep emptying my rain gauge. The last time I emptied out four inches. That makes for a very wet backyard.

Oh, and the last time the lawn service mowed my lawn they snapped off the electric fence. In their defense, when it was last repaired, they just left it on top of the ground over a tree root. Guess I have to call them for another repair – hopefully, better than the last one.

Being a homeowner means repairs like that. There is just no end to the things that can happen.

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell, PA. Contact at hickoryheights1@verizon.net.