‘Great day’ for Warren General and community

Rick Allen Chief Executive Officer, Warren General Hospital

On Monday, September 24, Warren General Hospital entered into partnership with Allegheny Health Network, LECOM Health and Highmark Health. The agreement provides funding to improve services and advance medical care in our community. It was agreed by our new Partners and our Hospital Board of Directors that we remain an independent organization. The WGH Board of Directors remains in control of services offered and care provided to the residents of the greater Warren area. I applaud the WGH Board of Directors for their hard work and very careful study over the past eighteen months arriving at this important decision leading to a very bright future for Warren General.

Nearly 60 years ago I was born in Warren General Hospital. I returned four years ago to help the Hospital improve operations, care quality and service and achieve a vision to be one of the best community hospitals in the nation. We were awarded our second Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital in 2018. We are proud of that achievement and work tirelessly to reach even higher goals.

We have been asked about health insurance coverage and if our new Partnership will prohibit or limit certain health insurance plans to be accepted at Warren General. Warren General Hospital will continue to contract and work with all major health insurers including Highmark, Aetna, United and UPMC.

Many health insurance plans and Medicare Advantage plans start or renew beginning in October. As you renew or sign up for health insurance, be sure to request that Warren General Hospital – your community hospital — and WGH Medical Staff — your community physicians — are included as providers and “in network” in your chosen plan.

Be confident we will work hard to make sure you have access to Top 100 medical care in your hometown.

Warren General Hospital is our community asset. For over 127 years, the hospital has been serving the medical needs of Warren County residents and beyond. The new partnership with AHN-LECOM Health and Highmark will help Warren General become even better and allow us to offer care locally for decades to come. It’s a great day for Warren General Hospital and our community.


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